The Last Day…

It has been a strange year, one that has sometimes flowed and one that has sometimes been incredibly hard but one that has been filled with excitement and joy.

It started so well and we were looking for new things for 2010 these were quickly dashed when Baba went down hill and was very poorly for a good month or so. We spent numerous days in hospital, all in a month-long period. He had another convulsion, he had his first rigor. He had tonsilitis, sickness, ear infection, throat infection, and croup. We were given penicillin, he was allergic, a nebulizer, and antibiotics all to be told that he had tonsilitis for a whole month. We saw the ambulance men more in the month of february to march than ever before. It was tiring, stressful, scary and a really hard work. But more than anyone hard work for little Baba. He fought a lot in that month, but came out the other side!

I have battled with my weight on and off all year, losing a bit putting on a lot! But never really getting anywhere. I have had advice, I have help but the motivation to keep doing it has been lost along the way. Things have got in the way, too much chocolate has been around so I have given into the temptation and finished the year not dieting, just getting slowly bigger and bigger.

We have seen Baba go from a little baby to a little toddler, he has gone into his own cotbed, and now his own bed. He has begun to speak, draw, paint, and use his imagination. His buggy is nearly all but gone, he drags the dog round all day everyday chatting to him and telling him what to do. He has his own personality, it is loud, obnoxious and he is always right, he is so my son. We have gone through months of looking at pre schools and nurseries trying to decide the best to do. Finally settling in November with a preschool, that he loves and he has come on leaps and bounds since then. He is growing so fast and I can’t believe how different he has become in a year!

We have had additions to our family this year. Mr L’s sister had a baby a gorgeous girl who is one, in less than six-weeks. The relationship she has with everyone is gorgeous to see growing and she is a lovely little thing. But we have also gained the rabbits, JoJo and Stewie. They have been rascals from the moment we got them, and really have caused nothing but trouble. They have wrecked my garden, Stewie has had to be done, due to a terrible accident with the hutch. The less said the better. But general mayhem is the words to describe them. Baba loves them though, and the dog quite likes them too.

The dog, my beloved Tito, he has been a monster this year. As per usual. His trick this year was to run away on Baba’s birthday that was a good one. We had two godmothers running after the dog, both got very tired collecting him. He was dragged back by the scruff of his neck. In the last few weeks he has certainly gone backwards in his training and we have had a few problems nothing that can not be fixed in the new year. We just need to do a little bit of reminder training and it will be fine. But he is a solid companion in our house. When I am working at home on my own, he curls up under my legs and just lay’s and waits until I am finished. You never feel alone in the house with him. It is something that I am always grateful for.

I started the year with a Gran I end it without. It is a sad thing to say but she had not been well for a long time, and it had been expected for a while however it never makes it easy. She had been in and out of hospital the whole of Baba’s life. When Dad called to say that I should probably visit as he didn’t think she would make it this time I took him seriously. I am so glad I went and so glad that dad got there. It was a moment that I will never forget. It put our world in limbo for a while and I think  that Dad is still there really. It is a hard fact to face, that you have no grandparents. It makes you suddenly grow up and realise that you are an adult in the world. That was the hardest thing I had to do this year. It is something that we are all still doing, we are experiencing the first’s at the moment and she is vividly in our thoughts. First Christmas, first New Year, all first birthday’s without her but we will get there!

But there have been good things too. Lots of friends are getting married, including my best friend of all. Other friends are having or had babies, one anytime now, come on G and B get a move on! So there has been lots of excitement too.

We are going into 2011 a little hesitant, both Mr L and I are starting new things. But mainly because we have health things at the beginning of the year.

Baba has to have his operation on his eyes, Dad has to have his operation on his shoulder, and Mr L finally has his diagnosis of Hypermobility and is starting some treatment. It is new and it is scary, once these things are over I can begin to enjoy 2011. There are lots of things that I could write and say I want to do. But I know I wont achieve them all, so I am only going to concentrate on one.

I have a wedding to be at in the end of July it is said best friends wedding and I am going to be a lot smaller than I am now. So 2011 is the kick your flab year. It is going and I am pleased that is my resolution.

I am sure that 2011 will throw a few things my way that I am not expecting like 2010 did, but you know what we got through them in 2010 and we will in 2011. You know why because what ever gets thrown there is three of us batting it back, Mr L, Baba and I so go on 2011 we will kick your arse like we did 2010!!!

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