And It Begins…

So today is the day my diet starts.

I have a spring in my step, I am ready and eager to go. In a dream world that is! I feel a bit rough, I have a stinking cold and thanks to my lovely child I am very tired as I got barely any sleep at all last night. But that is the way it goes sometimes I guess, they are not excuses as I still have to do everything else. They are just going to make it a little harder.

I have already made our dinner and decided what I am eating for the rest of the day. I am focussed I have to be I have all this weight to lose so it doesn’t matter how tired I am feeling not today. If I don’t start today I will never start, this is the important day. The one where I get started!

So later today I maybe I will be laying on the sofa feeling like I am dying as I have just done my fitness DVD but it will be worth it, so wish me luck. It will be worth it in the end! I am sure of it.

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