Fitness Friday Week Two!

So we have had one week of the getting fit and thin programme and the results are in. It is the time to announce that I have lost 7 or more lbs and that the diet is going fantastically!

Reality check here people, I have not done that well. In fact I have not done very well at all. Lets not harp on about it let me just show you the results.

Name: Kerry
Twitter: @KerrysAvon
Starting Weight: 13 stone 12lb/88.4kg/B.M.I. 31.7/Body Fat 48.6% (Hideous I know oh my god that is what I thought)
Target Weight:  9 stone 12lbs
Weight Today: 13 stone 12lbs/88.0kg/B.M.I 31.6/Body Fat 47.4%
Amount Lost: 0.4kg
Amount to Lose: 4 stone
Dress Size: 16 sometimes an 18!
Target Dress Size: 12 at least!
So I have lost 0.4kg, which has resulted in my B.M.I decreasing by 0.1 and my Body Fat decreasing by 1.2% so I am ok with that. Even though I have not done brilliantly weight loss wise I think considering I did my back in on Wednesday and have not been able to do any exercise since it isn’t as bad as it could have been.
When I first saw my slip from the weighing machine at Boots, I have to admit I was gutted. All I looked at was the weight and I was a little bit miffed, but after coming home and comparing last weeks and this weeks slips, it isn’t just about the actual weight and I have lost a little. It is all about the other things as well. I know that I have to get my B.M.I and Body Fat down and they are both going in the right direction.
I am not sure when my back is going to be better, but I am going to concentrate on my diet a little more this week. I have to admit with being out of action for two days I just ate what was easy as I couldn’t be standing there cooking not always a good thing, this week that is going to change.
So hopefully next week there will be even more weight loss.
If you want to see how everyone else is getting on then pop over to Monkeying Around to link up and get some moral support from everyone. Do have a look at other people’s and offer your support as well.

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  1. cakeandteablog
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 09:57:45

    Having just done a quick sum, I reckon you’ve lost 1.3kg of fat.

    If you did weigh 88.4kg, and 48.6% was fat, that’s 43.0 kg of fat
    If you now weigh 88.0kg and 47.4% is fat, you are down to 41.7kg of fat- loss of 1.3kg of fat.

    That’s 5 250g packs of butter! Not bad at all! Sorry for the maths, thought it might cheer you up! Well done and keep going!


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