The Ila Sport

As you all know I am trying to lose some weight this year and am trying to get fitter. So when I was contacted by Ila Security about reviewing their Ila Sport I jumped at the chance. This was just what I needed.

The Ila Sport is a pedometer, milometer, and personal safety alarm all in one. The specifications say that it is light, stylish and fits into your palm.

All of these are true, I am usually hopeless with this things, leaving Mr L to sort them out and then using them. But this was very easy to set up to get started, you do have to measure your first few steps, and put in the length that these are and your weight and height. But this is easy to put in, and once it was set up I found it surprisingly accurate with the amount of steps that I had taken.

Not only does it record the steps you have taken, but it also records the distance covered, calories burned and will track the previous exercise history so you can try to outdo your previous sessions. All of these worked brilliantly and it was really easy to skip through the different modes, by just pushing the one button, which I loved.

The Sport also has a built-in clock, a digital one and a backlight so you can see the screen, and a belt clip for securing to your clothes.

This is where my problems started, my belt clip did not seem to work, every time I clipped it onto my clothes, as soon as I either sat down or stood up the Sport fell off. This happened a few times, before it actually happened and I lost it. I emailed the lady who had sent me the item to review and explained the situation to her, and she could not have been more helpful. She responded very quickly with this response:

“The samples of the Sport that we received in the office were the initial products and have since been revised as we too noticed that the clips weren’t as secure as they should have been. These have since been improved however the samples that have been sent out were from the original batch and so would have had the looser clips.

When we receive some (improved Sport) into our office, then I would like to send you one as an apology for the unsatisfactory sample that you’ve received”

Now I think this is a great service, and it was the only part of the Sport that I had issue with. If the clip issue has been improved then I would recommend this as a pedometer and an aid to encourage fitness, because everything else about this was fantastic, and I think their service is very good as well.

There is another added feature to the Ila Sport, it is also a personal safety alarm. They say that the alarm can be easily activated with one hand, by pressing the button at the top of the Sport, but you can also unarm with a small on/off switch to prevent it from just going off. Now I did not get a chance to test this out before my Ila got lost! If it is like the rest of the product I am sure that it would work very well, but I will update this when I have a chance to include the alarm as well.

Disclosure:  I was provided with The Ila Sport to review and received no other compensation.  All of the opinions expressed in this post are my true own opinions and have not been influenced by the compensation I have received.

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