Fitness Friday Week 3

So it is that day again, weigh in day and I was dreading doing it this week, I really thought that I had done badly. I have not done any exercise have been waiting for my back to feel 100% which it is now thankfully, and I have had a few stresses. So I have eaten and not the best food.

The one thing that I have really tried to change this week is the way I eat. In the past I have been a grazer instead of eating proper meals, I will pick throughout the day. This week I have tried to change that, by actually eating at meal times and not grazing too much through the day. It has been hard but I have been really trying to train my body to actually eat meals. I have managed it as well. So I was proud of that.

Anyway the results:

Name: Kerry
Twitter: @KerrysAvon
Starting Weight: 13 stone 12lb/88.4kg/B.M.I. 31.7/Body Fat 48.6% (Hideous I know oh my god that is what I thought)
Target Weight:  9 stone 12lbs
Weight Today: 13 stone 11lbs/87.7kg/B.M.I 31.4/Body Fat 42.6%
Amount Lost: 1lbs/0.7kg
Amount to Lose: 4 stone
Dress Size: 16 sometimes an 18!
Target Dress Size: 12 at least!
So I have lost a pound I am really pleased with that. But what is more shocking is how it affecting my B.M.I and my Body Fat. I know that the doctor before Christmas was worried about my B.M.I and Body Fat as my dad has diabetes and angina and they were having a bit of a go at me about it all saying that they were too high. I am so pleased that they are going down.
In two weeks my B.M.I has decreased from 31.7 to 31.4 a decrease of 0.3 which to me I am happy about. But what I am even more happy about is the amount my Body Fat has decreased in two weeks it has gone from 48.6% to 42.6% that is a massive difference 6% to be precise. 
I am really pleased with the results this week. 
My back is better so my plan of action for the next week is to get going with my exercising, to walk the dog more. As Mr L has been doing that at the moment, and to really concentrate on working on that. I am going to stick with the same plan food wise, drink more, and actually eat meals rather than graze. This seemed to work this week so I am hoping it will work again next week.

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  1. Nic's Notebook
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 16:26:49

    Yay well done. Get out now and go for a walk with Tito!! x


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