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Well I am Kerry a 29-year-old mother of one sprightly little nearly 2 year old boy. I am a work at home mummy, running my own business as an Avon Independent Sales Leader and I love my job.

But I have always had this passion in me to write. I have written from a young age, not always grammatically correct and not always spelt right, but none the less still written. I used to have an obsession with writing poetry and that is what got me through my teenage years, I then moved into short stories, and then I started work!

Writing then took a back seat for me, until I had my little man, “Baba” as he is affectionately known at home! I really wanted to write everything down that he did so off I started with my writing again, and I am once more obsessed!

I love to ramble and get things sorted in my head when I write so I apologise in advance if things don’t make sense. But this will be a place for me to talk about Baba and my day and to reflect on what we have done. It will be a place to make sense of stacking cups and knocking them down 14 times in a day, and of watching ‘In The Night Garden’ for the billionth time and my need for sleep, chocolate and coffee all in one day!

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  1. Linda
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 15:22:04

    Hello! Thanks for visiting my fledgling blog and commenting… I’m just getting going, so have posted a couple of things from my old archives. Must get into a writing routine! I’m happy to find you and will have a read of your blog.


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