URGENT!!! We Have Moved!

Hello everyone, just a little heads up.

The reason I have been away for few days is because we have moved!

I know it is very exciting but And Then All I Thought About Was You has taken the plunge and moved to self hosting.

You can now find us here:


Please bear with me I am still tweaking but most things are in place, except a few blog badges and my blog roll, but I shall finish them asap. If you have a blog you want included then email me and I shall add you to the list!

If you were subscribed to this blog there is another email subscription over on the new blog, so please do click it and add yourself to that blog.

Thank you for reading this little old blog in the last year and I hope that you will enjoy the new one.

Normal service will now resume!

Thanks Kerry xx

And don’t forget pop over to www.andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou.com for the all new sparkling blog!

Night Times!

I have a little issue, that I know my not seem an issue but it is slightly bugging me.

Over Christmas Baba got a brand new bed, not a toddler bed, but a proper full size single bed, and he loves it. As we were getting a new bed we knew that his Auntie was buying him a train table so rearranged all of his room so that finally some toys could go up there, due to my lounge looking like an extra from the ELC shop!

As soon as he saw the room he loved it, he actually shouted ‘WOW’ when he first saw it. We knew it was the right thing and that it was a hit from the beginning. More

The Ila Sport

As you all know I am trying to lose some weight this year and am trying to get fitter. So when I was contacted by Ila Security about reviewing their Ila Sport I jumped at the chance. This was just what I needed.

The Ila Sport is a pedometer, milometer, and personal safety alarm all in one. The specifications say that it is light, stylish and fits into your palm. More

Strange Goings On In The Night

We have had a few restless nights with Baba recently, he has always been a fantastic sleeping. Going to bed easily and sleeping all the way through from roughly 3 months old. However the last few weeks we have had really restless nights, he has been getting up every night about 2am and either sleeping in bed with us or one of us going and sleeping on his bedroom floor.

However over the past few nights he has been really strange! More

The White Stuff!

All I have seen for the past few days is this…

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

We haven’t done much as we haven’t been able to get anywhere. So we have been out in the road teaching Baba about snowballs, snowmen and snow! More

Letting Go!

Today Baba had an extra day at pre- school due to it closing when it snowed, I was a little apprehensive. He never goes on Monday, he had only just been on Friday and I thought the change in routine would totally disrupt him.

Then when we woke up I was even more worried.

As soon as I told him we were going to school he replied with, “No like school Mummy.” More


You scream and shout
You fight
You kick.
You cry
You shout for help.
If you only knew we not doing anything bad More

Snow Days

Last night I had a grand three hours sleep.

Baba went down with a severe case of croup and was up all night. We used his inhaler and he was really struggling there was a point where we were seriously thinking about calling the ambulance. But Mr L managed to calm him and his breathing became deeper.

But still there was no sleep for me. More

And The Winter Starts

Saturday Baba went to my sisters and was violently sick in the night, twice!

He seemed fine Sunday although a little tired!

This morning he woke very hoarse and had a raging cough, he had caught the cold from me. The illness that I am still fighting and have been for over a week now. More

CBeebies Song Time CD

We were sent the CBeebies Song Time CD to review and what a hit it was!

I was really impressed that it was  a 2CD album, with over 50 songs from the CBeebies channel. I was also impressed that we actually knew almost all of the songs, I think there was maybe 5 or 6 that we had never heard of but other than that we knew them in various forms. Obviously some of the songs were a lot longer on the CD than on the TV but this didn’t bother Baba just more dancing time! More

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