Play School

So Baba has started pre-school. He started three weeks ago and it was a thing that I was very anxious about.

But really did not need to be. He was ready Mr L and I had been saying that he was ready for a long time. But I had been secretly been putting it off.

Luckily my cousin pushed me into it, and I am so glad that she did. More

101 Things In 1001 Days 18 Things Done

For those of you that follow this post regularly you will remember my 101 Things in 1001 Days List

Now don’t worry I have not forgotten about it at all. I am still plodding along with it but a lot of the items on the list are really long projects but I will get there, I am determined.

I have until December the 12th 2012 so it is fine still two more years yet, so in each year I need to do roughly forty items off the list. Now I think that is easily achievable so I am not worried at all.

So I have completed three more on my list! Woo Hoo! More


Yesterday we took Baba swimming. It was the first time we had been swimming for a long time and it showed.

Baba was very reluctant at first, he wouldn’t leave Mr L’s arms and just wanted to be carried in the pool. He got upset if Mr L tried to move him off his chest and just hold his hands.

This worried me.

I suppose the lack of swimming is my fault. I am not a great swimmer and did not learn myself until I was eight or nine years old. I don’t like water in my face and hate to swim under water. Swimming full stop does not come naturally to me. I always said that I didn’t want that to be the case for Baba. More

Big Boy News!

I don’t know whether I am tempting fate by writing about this and have pondered it for a while! But every other milestone is written here so I can’t leave this one out as it is huge in our house.

Since a couple of weeks old, Baba has had a dummy and a muslin square wherever he goes. He uses it for bed, when he is sad, tired, bored, hurt, angry you name the emotion it is usually there. Usually there is also two or three muslins behind him.

They are affectionately known as “bummy and nunies” More

Creativity Baba’s Way

Creativity doesn’t have to be planned, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

It doesn’t even have to be led by Mummy.

Yesterday Baba was playing with his aquadraw, he then came and asked for some water in a cup! More

All By Myself!

I am sitting here all on my own, no one to talk, just waiting.

Now it isn’t anything new but it is too me. Baba has been going off to his nannies houses for months now so that I can work but never to pre school.

Today he is at pre school.  More

The Gallery – Show Me The Funny

There is a clown who lives in my house,

He loves attention all day long

And generally has everyone around him in stitches

You can never be mad or sad for long

Because already at the age of two

He knows to get rid of bad feeling by being just outrageously funny More

At Last…

When Baba was born his bottom eyelashes grew into his eyes, and touched his actual eyes. This happened on both eyes, and we were told by the midwife who came to see us on the ward that it was a common condition and that he would grow out of it.

When he was around three months, I had his three-month review and mentioned his eyes once more. Again we were told he would grow out of it, and to wash his eyes and gently pull his lower eyelid down to manipulate the correction.

Between three months and his ten month review, Baba had a few instances of conjunctivitis that we went to the doctors about and got antibiotics, all the while mentioning that his eyelashes didn’t seem to be improving. We told the doctors that we were concerned that they were irritating Baba and that they were contributing to the conjunctivitis and asked whether there was anything that could be done about it?  More


Obviously today was Halloween, but it was the first one in our house to be celebrated.

We usually hide out for Halloween I have to say, neither Mr L or myself being that bothered, but today we made an effort for Baba!

We went down to my sisters and he had a Halloween party with them. This was basically a little tea, with fingered rolls, blood filled eggs, and worm jelly! Which was a massive hit.

The children then carved a pumpkin,  More

Mama’s Cooking, Baba’s Helping!

Today I made roast dinner, nothing special something that I do regularly in our house, it was chicken still not special. In fact it was;


Roasted Potatoes.

Roasted Parsnips.

Roasted Carrots, roasted with garlic cloves, and an orange cut in half and squeezed over them!

Yorkshire Puddings.


Bread Sauce .


Really nothing special. More

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