Today is And Then All I Thought About Was You’s birthday we are officially one year old!

It has been a mammoth year that I never ever expected to happen, I have made friends with people, have met people and have actually had people read my blog! Which still amazes me to this day.

When I started this little blog a year ago today, I was bored and I desperately wanted to reignite my writing. My initial thoughts on blogging were just to babble away and maybe a couple of my friends on Facebook would read it if I was lucky. More

Christmas Time

Now we don’t have massive families I have one sister and she has a husband and two children and my parents. Mr L has two grandparents, his parents a brother and his sister, her other half and their baby so not huge. But it still is a lot of planning for Christmas.

Mr L’s family is all about Christmas it is the highlight of their year and a big event.

We have our families to buy for and Baba has six aunts and uncles, god parents and guardians that he buys for and one little friend. Mr L buys for a friend and I buy for two. All in all Baba buys for twenty people and Mr L and I have a list for nineteen people. More


I have pimped my blog!

As I have written over 100 posts now, I thought that I had better get organised. So I have put some pages up the top with headers and they have links to all of the posts that I have written regarding that header.

I hope that it makes it easier for you to find things.

I like it, I like to be organised and I am slightly obsessed about it, so it pleases me. I hope that it pleases you too.

Back to Work Yeah

I went to see my up line within Avon yesterday to get a boost up the bottom. As Baba has been so poorly I haven’t been working at all and I had lost my way with the business so I felt that I needed to get back into it. How right was I!

I went down, thinking what a nice day it was but not really thinking about the fact that I was going to talk about work! I was still on the zero work side of my head. Well after five hours of chatting to my up line and seeing a couple of other Avon ladies and men, my zero working head has disappeared and I am back on track. More

101 things in 1001 Days First One Done

So my list is up for the 101 things in 1001 days challenge and I have to say I am very proud of myself.

I have done one thing all ready!

I have completed number 18) Change Baba’s cot to a bed. More


You know when you have so much to do and you don’t really know where to start. So you actually end up doing none of the things that need to be done, and doing something completely random! Thats been my day. More

Super Skinny Me

Baba is now 15 months old, and 15 months later I am still crying the weight that I gained when I was pregnant with him. I stood on the scales today and I still need to lose the 4 stone that I put on when pregnant. Which is an almighty challenge. Especially as I am not a person that likes to eat, I am one of these people who eats because I know I have to eat, I would never eat and eat because I love the food. I like the food, but I would never eat too much of it. So why do I have so much weight to lose? Well there is one major flaw in my eating I love chocolate, it is the only food that I love, and I can eat it all day long. Which is the main problem for me to lose weight. More


Today has been my birthday, and I have had a lovely day. Got spoilt as per usual, with lots of chocolate and had a nice meal with my parents, Mr L and Baba.

I can’t believe that I am in my last year of my 20’s oh that sounds scary and with a one year nearly 18 month old baby! I remember when I was at school I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do by the age of 30! I found it the other day and this is how it pans out; More

To Blog Or Not To Blog

I have again been reading a lot of blogs over the last few days and one of them really caught my eye – By Slugs on the Refrigerator. This blog really made me think about why I have actually choose to write a blog. Is it all for me or is it for other people and what is my aim for it?

The first thought that came into my head, was that I was writing my blog as I want to be a writer one day. I have always dreamed of being a writer, and I am doing my writing course so I wanted a place to put my thoughts down and practice my writing skills. But then I started thinking again and wondered if this was actually true. Yes I do want to do these things but is writing the blog, really as simple as that. I don’t believe that it is. More

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