Fitness Friday Week Two!

So we have had one week of the getting fit and thin programme and the results are in. It is the time to announce that I have lost 7 or more lbs and that the diet is going fantastically!

Reality check here people, I have not done that well. In fact I have not done very well at all. Lets not harp on about it let me just show you the results. More

And It Begins…

So today is the day my diet starts.

I have a spring in my step, I am ready and eager to go. In a dream world that is! I feel a bit rough, I have a stinking cold and thanks to my lovely child I am very tired as I got barely any sleep at all last night. But that is the way it goes sometimes I guess, they are not excuses as I still have to do everything else. They are just going to make it a little harder. More

Fitness Friday Week One!

So it’s that time of the year again. The one were you start to think about losing weight! Monkeying Around has developed a meme that we can all join in every friday called Fitness Friday!

The thing about this little cyber group support is that everyone can do their own thing we are just there to support one another that is it. By keeping up with the weekly posts and chatting on the BECKICKLESIE Forum we can all help one another to get to where we want to be. More


Yesterday I wrote about diet restarting and was talking about how I was going to get back into it and you guys were my little slimming group and needed to shout at me and spur me on.

Well I need that only 24 hours in!

I have hit my first hurdle! More

Diet Restarts! Again!!!

I know I am always harping on about this, but this time I do really mean it.

We have got into really bad habits again, and I think I have put on everything that I lost. I am not 100% sure but am pretty sure I will be going on the Wii Fit later and will report back. But I think that is the case! So today we start afresh. More

Weight Loss Update

So here is another update on my weight loss, I haven’t done it for a while as I didn’t go and get weighed last week.

Last night I got weighed and had lost a pound and a half, meaning that I am now at the lowest weight I have been since having Baba at 12st 10lbs, I have half a pound to lose to get a stone and then 5lbs to lose to get my Club 10 award. Meaning that I have lost 10% of my body weight.


Weight Loss

So I am still battling with my weight I think it is a battle that will be ongoing forever now!

I went to get weighed last night and I had put on a pound. I have to say I wasn’t surprised I didn’t go last week as I was out, and Mr L and I have been very bad with eating recently. We have had a lot of takeaways, and have generally fallen into bad habits again. Eating chocolate, having quick unhealthy food.

We haven’t spent more than one night or one day in our house for two weeks, and it has meant that we have gone for the easiest option instead of the healthy option.

Now I am not making excuses I am just putting down the facts. More

I Am Lost

As you all know I have consistently been trying to lose weight since I had Baba and I have recently gone back to Slimming World.

I lost ten and a half pounds, and was feeling good about that. Although yesterday I went and I had gained a pound. I know that does not seem a lot, and Mr L and my friend told me not to worry about it.

But I am gutted about it!

Really gutted about it, and I don’t know why? I know rationally that I shouldn’t be even though I have gained a pound I am still nine and a half down, but I am not happy about it. More


So I have been going to Slimming World for two weeks now. I have really wanted to take part in the Mummy Tummy Begone challenge, but my knee’s have been really bad and that is not an excuse, some days it has been hard for me to even get up and down the stairs. So I didn’t think any form of running was a good thing for me to do. So I went for the dieting route instead.

Now I have done Slimming World before, so the actual diet has not been a problem. I know what I am doing, but that is almost the problem this time. In the two weeks that I have been doing it I have only lost three and a half pounds. Now I know that you are all going to scream at me that losing steady and little is the way to go. But I did want to be losing a little more than that. More

The Diet Begins

Now I have been harping on about my weight for ages, I was going to start the Mummy Tummy Begone and still do want to do it. However at the moment I have really painful knees and am back and forth to the doctors and hospital trying to find out what is wrong with them. So I don’t want to be adding pressure to them by trying to go for a run, even a walk is a problem some days.

So I decided diet had to be the way forward. More

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