I Would Give To You

Sitting in the hospital

With your temperature peaking

And not going down

Your little tiny being

Laying so still but shivering and fighting whatever is wrong More

I Am…

I am a multitude of things

Ranging from a mother,

A partner,

A daughter,

A sister,

An aunt,

A friend. More

The Devil’s Red

It comes over you in an instant,

The flash is as quick as lightning.

You are smiling, then it is gone.

Your eyes are lost, and the anger grows

You become taller, bigger almost bloated

Not seeing or hearing a single thing or person around you More

Far, Far Away, Deep Out Into The Sea!

Life is hard,

Life is difficult, even on  a good day.

But there are days when you literally could scream

You are in pain, from the stress and despair that life throws at you.

And there is nowhere to turn

You feel you can’t stop

You can’t say no

As the world my just collapse around you!

Everything crumbling down into a pile as you walk away.

But sometimes just sometimes you need to escape.

Where better than the sea! More

Mummy and Baba Moment!

You have a nappy and vest on that’s all you need, your temperature has been up all day.  Your vest is undone and hanging open round your knees.

You strut round the room like you own it, and come over, crossing your arms on my news, resting your head in your hands. You look up

“Mummy Nemo” your eyes pleading for what you want.

“A little bit and then bed” I can’t say no to that face. More


You and him are my main priorities

So why do I get wrapped up with everything and everyone else?

It is just about us three!

We are the important ones,

Sure we have the rest of the families and a few close friends

But in the cold darkness of the night More

Boys and Bugs

You stand and stare

Looking in the holes,

Looking between the cracks

Trying to find another. More

Argumentative Ole Fool

Now I am never wrong, I shall just write that down again so that it goes in…


I am always right, if I start off wrong I will end up right, so I am never wrong! More

The Great Storm!

The wind blew and blew, the rain thrashed and the thunder roared. The room lite up every time the lightning hit!

I was woken by an almighty bang, and I was scared.

The chimney was whistling with the wind whirling down the tunnel, right past my bedroom, and through the lounge.

I screamed, I didn’t like it. I was only 6 years old and I hated storms, I hated wind, I hated lightning, I hated thunder and I hated the dark. More

The Gallery And Writing Workshop – Emotions

I have always been an emotional person, but having a child has made me even more emotional. I now cry at Eastenders and wedding shows, which I never used to do! I get angry quicker but I also have sudden huge overpowering feelings of pride that overcome me just out of the blue.

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You



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