Fleas, Baths and Huffs!

The dog got fleas, even though we had a flea collar on him and he had his flea stuff on he still got fleas.

Getting fleas is a nightmare in our house as the dog does not like to be bathed. So today he was restricted to the hallway only and outside, until Mr L came home, as I am not strong enough to give him a bath.

I went off to the shops, brought a new flea collar, some flea shampoo, and some flea shake and vac and we waited for Mr L. Once he got in the bath started. I could hear the dog trying to get out and Mr L repeatedly telling him to sit down and not to move. He brushed him in the bath and then he got the flea comb, which is very similar to a nit comb and put that through all of his fur, pulling out all the stray bits on the side. He shouted when they were finished. More

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