Letting Go!

Today Baba had an extra day at pre- school due to it closing when it snowed, I was a little apprehensive. He never goes on Monday, he had only just been on Friday and I thought the change in routine would totally disrupt him.

Then when we woke up I was even more worried.

As soon as I told him we were going to school he replied with, “No like school Mummy.” More


You scream and shout
You fight
You kick.
You cry
You shout for help.
If you only knew we not doing anything bad More


Today has been a hard day for me, I wasn’t going to write about it as I feel really bad but I have found the whole process of being a partner and mum difficult today. Really difficult.

I think it is because I am not feeling 100% and Baba is definitely not 100% he has had a cold for a couple of days now and is just very very grumpy. We have had constant screaming for a few days now. And today it really got to me.

This morning Mr L broke one of his trucks, understandably Baba wasn’t that happy about that, so we told him that we would go out and find him another one, like you do. We went to one shop and there was nothing in there, so we decided to go to a local garden centre that we now does a lot of toys in. Well it was the big mistake of the day really. More

Don’t Leave Mummy…

Today was Tuesday the first of the two days that I work in a week. So I got myself ready, got Baba ready got my work stuff ready and told Baba that we were going to Nannies, so Mummy could go to work. Like we do every Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing different.

Except today Baba cried, he became hysterical, shouting;

“No, Mummy, no no no.” More

Friendships, Good and Bad!

I have had a draining, good, and bad weekend. It has been happy, sad, hard and a sudden realisation all in one!

I knew when I was pregnant with Baba that my friendships would change, and that I would lose some of my friends. But it never really happened. Until now!

It seems the first year, all my friends were interested in the cute little baby and all wanted little cuddles and snugs. However now that baby has turned into an argumentative, opinionated two-year old, who has his own mind and wants to do his own things, the friends are now disappearing. More

Two Year Old Tantrums

Two year old tantrums have hit our house with an almighty bang!

Today we had meltdown! All over a pair of Daddies sunglasses!

Baba wanted to play with the sunglasses and Mr L had said no to him, but Baba persisted and picked them up anyway. Cue first problem of terrible two’s – Baba doesn’t think that he has to listen to anyone, he is right and that is final!

So mummy decided to intervene, wow what a massive mistake. More

Some Days Are So Hard And Full Of Guilt

I was going to do a blog today about the lovely Secret Post Club parcel that I received today from the lovely Susie over at New Day New Lesson but I have had such a bad day that I had to write about that first.

I haven’t felt right since I had the bug on Saturday. I am really tired, I am not into eating very much, and generally still feel pretty sick, but have managed not too. I thought that I was over it, but maybe I was wrong, maybe it is a bug that is refusing to go, but regardless of that it has left me feeling like rubbish!

To top that off I have had a difficult day with Baba. More

A bump an almighty bump!

There was a bump, an almighty thud, I didn’t know how it happened and I didn’t know what it was but I knew it wasn’t right.

I started to move, to move to the wrong side. Oh god. I held on as tight as I could and tried to remember what I should do, I pushed the opposite way as hard as I could.

But it wasn’t moving, I was trying so hard.

Oh god, I’m spinning and spinning. It’s getting faster and I can’t see properly. I can’t tell where I am. More

Bedtime Mayhem Update

Well night-time sleep has got better in a way! Baba now goes to sleep ok, it still takes a while and he still screams for about 30 mins. But we seem to have a little routine forming again! Yeah!

Baba has a bath and then we go downstairs for him to have his milk. We then go back up when he has had his milk and he has a little story and a cuddle and then I leave the room. He screams but it only seems to be for a few minutes and then he settles himself to sleep. More

Hard Times

This has been the hardest few days off my life as a mother.

Mr L is ill, I am ill, and Baba is really ill. He has been hospitalised this weekend with croup. He has today been given antibiotics and a nebulizer due to croup and a chest infection. He screams for the world when we give him the nebulizer, I have to pin him down and Mr L has to give it. It is devastating and heart breaking to watch. He hates his medicine and screams about this too. More

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