I don’t think so…not happy

The last few days have been a bit manic in our household. I have been very busy recruiting new representatives for work, I have also been helping out a family I used to work with working with W. Which has meant since Saturday I have been out of the house pretty much none stop. I walked in an hour ago, and I have got tomorrow and Friday free before back out on Saturday and Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong I love my job, and I love working with W but I am so tired! Basically I have been working when Mr L hasn’t, so he has been coming in at five and I have been leaving at six and not been getting in till late. I haven’t put Baba to bed for three nights in a row now. Which I think is a first in his little life, Mr L and I regularly take it in turns, but I haven’t gone three nights before. I feel guilty enough about this, but then this happened today and made me feel even worse. More


Last few days

I don’t really have much to say as the last 72 hours of my life have consisted of having a 16 month old attached to me morning, noon and night. Either comforting him, piling him up with medication or changing his foul nappies while he screamed and screamed and screamed. Poor little soul.

I feel that he has been through the mill this time around with his fit. They first thought that he had tonsillitis, so gave him penicillin, 20 diarrhea filled nappies later and a trip back to the doctors, we were told that he was allergic to penicillin and that he didn’t have tonsillitis anyway! Arggh! More

What A Day

I had a busy day planned today, prospecting and then home to do some cleaning, paying some bills, sorting out my order for work and generally being very busy. While Baba was up at my mums house.

Well none of that happened, I dropped off Baba to my mums house, and my dad was home too. I went home and started on the dreaded cleaning, as I decided to give prospecting a miss, as I didn’t think Baba was 100% due to his teeth, so thought I would do the prospecting tomorrow instead. So said to mum that I would collect Baba at lunch time.

Got a call from my mum saying that Baba had had a really bad nappy and could I bring up another vest for him. Yeah that was fine, so I found a vest, and carried on with the cleaning to get that done before picking him up as I only had about half an hour or so before I said I would pick him up.

Then I got the call….

my Dad… More

Soul Mates

It is that time again Sleep is for the Weak Writing Workshop and this week the theme that I am going to do is Soul Mates. Number 3

Does a soul mate actual exist? More

Joy Of Being A Mummy

I have had one of those draining days today where it just seems to get worse and worse. It all started nice and early, at 5.30am that was a nice surprise from Baba I have to say. Screaming and crying at the top of his voice, so of I trudged in to be meet with a disgusting nappy and a crying baby. A few minutes and a change of clothes later, for Baba not me, and Mr L was gone out the door to work, and I was left with Mr Grumpy Pants.

Bless him, I don’t think he has known what to do with himself all day, one minute he is fine and then he is screaming the house down, and is just pointing at everything in sight view. I give it to him and he screams, he puts his little hands up in the air and I pick him up, and he wants to get down. More

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