A General Mummy Day

Today I have been a mummy all day long!

Woke up to the sound of “MOM” coming from a little mans room, walk round the corner and he is standing at his gate on tiptoes. Laughing as I arrive!

Go downstairs, dog scratches, let him out. Stand out in the garden saying “no” repeatedly to get him off the new grass and directing him to the end of the garden where he should be going to do his business. He does nothing we come back in. More

The Gallery – Portraits

Now I could have gone with a portrait of my gorgeous Baba but Mr L doesn’t want his picture on here. So I have come up with the second best thing, a picture of T.

Now I think that this is the best picture of him, and it is a complete accident that I managed to get him in this pose. But a classic all the same… More

The Gallery – Sloth


(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

This is T and Mr L enjoying a quiet nap on the sofa! This is a common occurance in our house, and happens often, although not quite in the pose anymore as T has grown a bit big for Mr L to have him laying like this on him anymore. More

How time flies

Yesterday Baba and I took the dog for a walk.

Nothing unusual there, I know we do that near enough every day. But the different thing was yesterday Baba WALKED!

He has been walking more and more, for months now. We have been letting him out of his pushchair more, and he has walked up to his nannies a couple of times, she only lives a couple of roads away. But I have been putting off the walking the dog, as I find it hard enough walking the dog on my own. Then I suddenly thought, what if it is easier to walk the dog with Baba walking! More

Pregnancy Bye Bye

I hated being pregnant thats not actually correct, I loathed being pregnant, absolutely despised it, I can’t actually express how much I hated it. To me it was the worst thing that I have had to go through. I am not talking the labour, or the first few months where you can be ill, I am talking the whole thing. From the day I found out to the day I went into labour.

I have never before stated how much I hated it. More

The Gallery – Beauty

T peed on our bed yesterday! (Bet you weren’t expecting that stay with me)

At the time I regretted the moment that we decided to get a dog and he was out of here. I’d had enough.

I was fed up at 3 years of age he was still peeing all over the place. More

Walking family

We had sunshine today! Yeah!

So we packed everything up into the push chair and went for a walk, when I say a walk. I don’t just mean down the road and back. Oh no we went for a serious walk!

We walked down to the local castle ruins, and then up to my mum and dads house to have some lunch. This was an hours walk on its own. We had a little break and then walked back down town, and back home which was an hour and a half in total.

T is now fast asleep on the sofa and has been since we got home, and Baba had a nice long snooze in the push chair and went to bed very easily tonight.

How to wear out your dog and child in one swoop.

I really enjoyed it, it was just nice to be outside with no extra layers, for the rain, the snow, the ice and the cold. It was also nice not to get wet! More

I just want to pee!!!

To whoever is the higher being, who can make things happen

I have a request for you…

I just want to pee! More

Beagle Trouble

So I have three men in my life, I know you may think I am greedy but it is just the way I like it.

I have Mr L, obviously Baba and then T the dog our Beagle.

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

We got T when he was 10 weeks old and as you can see he is a bit of a gorgeous thing. Mr L and myself are both dog people, we grew up with them and made the decision about having a dog long before having a child. When we first saw T we loved him from that moment. More

Super Skinny Me Update 1

So after finally getting better, I decided that today was going to be the day that the super skinny me mission was starting, as I lost a few pounds while I was poorly.

So this afternoon, Baba and I got ready with the added help of my mum, as she wants to lose a bit of weight as well, and we took T (the dog) for a half hour walk. We then dropped T off, and walked down to town and back up again, for about an hour. So that was a good hour and a half walk. Which I was really impressed with, as I haven’t really done any exercise for months now, with my leg playing up again. More

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