Moaning, But Should I?

Today I needed to work, with Baba being poorly and myself getting the dreaded bug, I haven’t worked for over two weeks, and we have a lot on. There is a lot that needs to be done over these next couple of weeks so I really really stressed this to Mr L.

That I needed to work he had to have Baba. More

Mama’s Cooking, Baba’s Helping!

Today I made roast dinner, nothing special something that I do regularly in our house, it was chicken still not special. In fact it was;


Roasted Potatoes.

Roasted Parsnips.

Roasted Carrots, roasted with garlic cloves, and an orange cut in half and squeezed over them!

Yorkshire Puddings.


Bread Sauce .


Really nothing special. More

A General Mummy Day

Today I have been a mummy all day long!

Woke up to the sound of “MOM” coming from a little mans room, walk round the corner and he is standing at his gate on tiptoes. Laughing as I arrive!

Go downstairs, dog scratches, let him out. Stand out in the garden saying “no” repeatedly to get him off the new grass and directing him to the end of the garden where he should be going to do his business. He does nothing we come back in. More

Monday Fun

As it was a bank holiday Monday we went off to Marwell Zoo with all of Mr L’s family, and we had a really nice day. It did rain, and there were very cold spells and a lot of wind, but even with all of that we had a good day.

I think it was a day of realisation for Mr L and I, about how much Baba has actually grown. Obviously we know that he has grown, and we see things everyday. But every so often, there is a day where everything is different and he is a proper boy! Monday was one of these days. More

A bump an almighty bump!

There was a bump, an almighty thud, I didn’t know how it happened and I didn’t know what it was but I knew it wasn’t right.

I started to move, to move to the wrong side. Oh god. I held on as tight as I could and tried to remember what I should do, I pushed the opposite way as hard as I could.

But it wasn’t moving, I was trying so hard.

Oh god, I’m spinning and spinning. It’s getting faster and I can’t see properly. I can’t tell where I am. More

Good Day

Today we have had a good day.

Do you know how great that makes me feel, to be able to say that!

It is the simple things that have made our day so great. More

Our Little Baby Boy!

You run around all day
Screaming and shouting
Chatting non stop, nonsense to us but a conversation to you
You are playing with this and playing with that
Building towers, crashing cars, playing football
Making tea, doing puzzles, reading books
All things that you love, More

Holiday’s past and future

We got our confirmation today for our Sun holiday, to Wales. We are going for a long weekend and I can’t wait.

Now I know it is not the most fantastic holiday in the world, but it is our first family holiday and I am so looking forward to it. We are off to a caravan park and it brings back lots of happy memories of my childhood holidays. More

It’s the little things

Valentine’s day… well what can I say!

We decided this year that we wouldn’t be doing anything for valentine’s day, as five years in to our relationship I don’t think either one of us was that bothered.

Mr L did give me a card in 2006 dated until 2010 so he had already covered himself!! More

Whats Important

I spent a whole day today with Baba, my Mum, Sister, Niece and Nephew, (and Dad for a while) then Mr L came home and then my Best Mate came round. So all in all I have spent the last 18 hours with all the people who mean the most to me. It has been lovely and it has made everything all the more clearer.

I have got really stressed as of late, with work, not meeting the goals that I have set, and just bits and bobs really. Things that if they where isolated incidents wouldn’t be a problem but due to them all arising at the same time, they have meant a bit of disaster has occurd in the L household. More

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