Beef Stew Slow Cooker Style!

So Saturday I used my slow cooker again and this time convinced Mr L that we had to buy a bigger slow cooker, due to not being able to fit the potatoes in with the recipe. I have to say I was really surprised that he agreed to it so easily, thought that there would be more of a fight but he was happy to get another one. He can see the benefits of having a slow cooker now that we have used it successfully a couple of times.

This time we made beef stew and it was lovely. I adapted a recipe that I had seen for  slow cooker stew and I am glad that I did, it was really nice. More

The Gallery – Food!

I am a very fussy eater. I don’t eat a lot quantity wise and what I eat I am very particular about. I will only eat one type of sausages for instance, bacon has to be done in a certain way things like that.

I am not a person who eats because they love food, I am a person that eats because I know I have to, to survive.

Mr L is the absolute opposite, he lives for a good meal, and always has that great satisfaction feeling after eating a good meal!

So when Baba was born I was praying that he would be more like Mr L than me, and I was not disappointed. He loves his food, and loves all food. He eats a good diet and tries pretty much everything you put in front of him. Which is great.


Airplanes, Fun and Aeroplanes!

Baba loves airplanes always have they are a little obsession of his. Although he calls them “aeroplanes.” Whenever one flies overhead, he shouts and rushes out to the garden to try to see it. It brings him great joy and he never ever bores of it.

So when his grandparents saw that the Eastbourne Air Show was on the other weekend they wanted to take him, so we said we would go too. What a treat we were in for! More

Weight Loss

So I am still battling with my weight I think it is a battle that will be ongoing forever now!

I went to get weighed last night and I had put on a pound. I have to say I wasn’t surprised I didn’t go last week as I was out, and Mr L and I have been very bad with eating recently. We have had a lot of takeaways, and have generally fallen into bad habits again. Eating chocolate, having quick unhealthy food.

We haven’t spent more than one night or one day in our house for two weeks, and it has meant that we have gone for the easiest option instead of the healthy option.

Now I am not making excuses I am just putting down the facts. More

I Am Lost

As you all know I have consistently been trying to lose weight since I had Baba and I have recently gone back to Slimming World.

I lost ten and a half pounds, and was feeling good about that. Although yesterday I went and I had gained a pound. I know that does not seem a lot, and Mr L and my friend told me not to worry about it.

But I am gutted about it!

Really gutted about it, and I don’t know why? I know rationally that I shouldn’t be even though I have gained a pound I am still nine and a half down, but I am not happy about it. More


So I have been going to Slimming World for two weeks now. I have really wanted to take part in the Mummy Tummy Begone challenge, but my knee’s have been really bad and that is not an excuse, some days it has been hard for me to even get up and down the stairs. So I didn’t think any form of running was a good thing for me to do. So I went for the dieting route instead.

Now I have done Slimming World before, so the actual diet has not been a problem. I know what I am doing, but that is almost the problem this time. In the two weeks that I have been doing it I have only lost three and a half pounds. Now I know that you are all going to scream at me that losing steady and little is the way to go. But I did want to be losing a little more than that. More

Friends Again

I have had an unusual weekend! Unusual in the fact that I have seen my friends, and that Baba has been away!

I have to admit since having Baba 18 months ago I have been bad at meeting my friends, oh I see them with Baba but actually seeing them for a good girlie chat to moan about our other halves talk about how great they are, hasn’t really happened. I know you can do that to a degree with the children there, but they are all getting a bit older now, and they take stuff in so we try to be positive about their daddies now! More

Little Baba

I went to see my friend today and her new baby who is 5 weeks old while Baba stayed at my sisters. I decided not to take Baba as I wanted a little sneaky cuddle without worrying about what Baba was getting up to, and she isn’t far from my sister so it was an excuse for her to have him.

While I was there Mr L called, when I had the baby on my chest fast asleep and told Mr L this, which was quickly responded with “Shall we have another one?” More

Super Skinny Me

Baba is now 15 months old, and 15 months later I am still crying the weight that I gained when I was pregnant with him. I stood on the scales today and I still need to lose the 4 stone that I put on when pregnant. Which is an almighty challenge. Especially as I am not a person that likes to eat, I am one of these people who eats because I know I have to eat, I would never eat and eat because I love the food. I like the food, but I would never eat too much of it. So why do I have so much weight to lose? Well there is one major flaw in my eating I love chocolate, it is the only food that I love, and I can eat it all day long. Which is the main problem for me to lose weight. More

Joy Of Being A Mummy

I have had one of those draining days today where it just seems to get worse and worse. It all started nice and early, at 5.30am that was a nice surprise from Baba I have to say. Screaming and crying at the top of his voice, so of I trudged in to be meet with a disgusting nappy and a crying baby. A few minutes and a change of clothes later, for Baba not me, and Mr L was gone out the door to work, and I was left with Mr Grumpy Pants.

Bless him, I don’t think he has known what to do with himself all day, one minute he is fine and then he is screaming the house down, and is just pointing at everything in sight view. I give it to him and he screams, he puts his little hands up in the air and I pick him up, and he wants to get down. More

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