The Last Day…

It has been a strange year, one that has sometimes flowed and one that has sometimes been incredibly hard but one that has been filled with excitement and joy.

It started so well and we were looking for new things for 2010 these were quickly dashed when Baba went down hill and was very poorly for a good month or so. We spent numerous days in hospital, all in a month-long period. He had another convulsion, he had his first rigor. He had tonsilitis, sickness, ear infection, throat infection, and croup. We were given penicillin, he was allergic, a nebulizer, and antibiotics all to be told that he had tonsilitis for a whole month. We saw the ambulance men more in the month of february to march than ever before. It was tiring, stressful, scary and a really hard work. But more than anyone hard work for little Baba. He fought a lot in that month, but came out the other side! More

The Gallery – Here Come The Girls

So this week the theme at The Gallery is Here Come The Girls. Now I thought that this would be easy!

I was wrong very wrong, a lot of the pictures I have of me and my girl mates can not be put online for the whole world to see, so it was a little tougher than I thought but I managed to find a couple, with some of my oldest friends in. All taken before we got sensible, got married and had children. When we young, free, not single and a little bit crazier. I think we still are all these things, but we have to meticulously plan the event to every detail now, rather than just drop and go!

So Here Come The Girls And Then All I Thought About You style! More

More hours!

We are very busy at the moment, running from here to there and everywhere. Baba has a lot of friends that are at school, so even though he is not at school age, the summer holidays are manic for us!  He has so many play dates over the next few weeks that our diary is packed.

If that is not enough Avon is preparing for Christmas and I am manic with that, booking parties, and signing people up. I am also constantly trying to make things for the website, and then just a little studying in between! So not too much happening in our lives.

We currently need another twenty odd hours in a week to fit everything in. More

Friendships, Good and Bad!

I have had a draining, good, and bad weekend. It has been happy, sad, hard and a sudden realisation all in one!

I knew when I was pregnant with Baba that my friendships would change, and that I would lose some of my friends. But it never really happened. Until now!

It seems the first year, all my friends were interested in the cute little baby and all wanted little cuddles and snugs. However now that baby has turned into an argumentative, opinionated two-year old, who has his own mind and wants to do his own things, the friends are now disappearing. More

CyberMummy Wow!!!

Well what can I say?

Not a lot really just a great massive, WOW! What a day! I loved every minute off the whole day and am so pleased and grateful that I was able to attend. Especially grateful to Ready For Ten who I won my ticket from, if it was not for them I would not have experienced the great day and I want to say a huge thanks to them.

I got to meet lots and lots of people, some that I had been following for a while that I had spoken to on twitter and others that were completely new to me. Although all were lovely and I can’t wait to meet some of them again!

I also won a fabulous printer, I am unbelievable excited about this and have not stopped talking about it since the day. I can not wait for it to be delivered. More

Friday Fun Times

Today Baba and I went to see some friends who we haven’t seen for a while and we took the little men off to a toddler gym for the morning.

This was the first time that Baba had been to one of these and he loved it, he had a go on everything. Although it took him a long time to go on the bouncy castle, he kept shaking his head saying no to me every time that I asked. In the end I took no notice of him, and carried him onto the castle, and we just bounced. Once we had done that he loved the whole concept of the castle and then didn’t want to get off, always the way!

I was so proud of him though, as his little face lite up once we arrived, and as soon as I opened up his pushchair he was off. Not one single ounce of nervousness. He is not at all like his mother! More

The Gallery – Friendship

This weeks gallery theme is friendship.

I have written a lot about one of my best friends on here already. But I do have others I promise!

Friendship is a massively important thing to me. It is something that gets me through the good and bad times, and something that I value from the bottom of my heart. More

Friends Again

I have had an unusual weekend! Unusual in the fact that I have seen my friends, and that Baba has been away!

I have to admit since having Baba 18 months ago I have been bad at meeting my friends, oh I see them with Baba but actually seeing them for a good girlie chat to moan about our other halves talk about how great they are, hasn’t really happened. I know you can do that to a degree with the children there, but they are all getting a bit older now, and they take stuff in so we try to be positive about their daddies now! More

How Difficult!

I don’t really have anything to write today. I have been trying to think of something interesting or inspirational and I don’t really have anything.

I have been battling for the last two hours with our internet provider, about the lack of internet providing that has been going on in our house. Just to get no where, and to be told it will take up to 14 days, if I hear that sentence one more time I may just scream. More

101 Things in 1001 Number 3 Done!

Well it has been a busy week for my 101 things in 1001 days challenge. I have completed two items in the last week and now I have completed three, with the thanks to Donna.

Donna and I have known each other for a few years now. We first meet through childminding, and I then went on to work with Donna in her childminding business, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have a few things to thank Donna for, introducing me to The Secret, a book that I thoroughly believe in and one that I enjoy to read over and over again. Inspiring me to restart my writing, to stop talking about it and to start doing my writing course, and she has been a constant help with the bringing up of Baba, as a childminder and mother of three she knows what she is talking about!

But now I have inspired her, to begin blogging. More

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