Holiday’s past and future

We got our confirmation today for our Sun holiday, to Wales. We are going for a long weekend and I can’t wait.

Now I know it is not the most fantastic holiday in the world, but it is our first family holiday and I am so looking forward to it. We are off to a caravan park and it brings back lots of happy memories of my childhood holidays. More

Whats Important

I spent a whole day today with Baba, my Mum, Sister, Niece and Nephew, (and Dad for a while) then Mr L came home and then my Best Mate came round. So all in all I have spent the last 18 hours with all the people who mean the most to me. It has been lovely and it has made everything all the more clearer.

I have got really stressed as of late, with work, not meeting the goals that I have set, and just bits and bobs really. Things that if they where isolated incidents wouldn’t be a problem but due to them all arising at the same time, they have meant a bit of disaster has occurd in the L household. More

Special Days

Today I actually spent a whole day with Baba, and we did nothing all day and it was so nice. We have been so busy this week, meeting people and going places and sorting things out, that we haven’t really just chilled.

Baba isn’t on top form as he is quite poorly and full of cold, but I can’t fathom whether it is a cold, teeth or the fall out from the MMR jab sometimes I have decided you just don’t know. More

Little Baba

I went to see my friend today and her new baby who is 5 weeks old while Baba stayed at my sisters. I decided not to take Baba as I wanted a little sneaky cuddle without worrying about what Baba was getting up to, and she isn’t far from my sister so it was an excuse for her to have him.

While I was there Mr L called, when I had the baby on my chest fast asleep and told Mr L this, which was quickly responded with “Shall we have another one?” More

Time For Some Thanks

Sleep for the Weak has posted the weekly workshop and I have chosen to do this prompt:

1. Write something to say thank you to some who has made a difference to your life, whether from your past or present.
– Inspired by the Moiderer’s ‘People I’d like to thank

When I first saw this I could have written a thousand thank you’s, but then I narrowed them down to just a few.

Firstly it would have to be my parents, More

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