Doggy Misbehaving!

Our dog has recently been a really good dog!

We have got into a routine with walking and he no longer is pulling on the lead, well not as much as he used too! He sits and waits at the road, and doesn’t move until he is told to, so at last he is like a normal dog. A dog that behaves, and he is a clever dog, it only took him a week to get trained to only go to the toilet down one end of the garden. We were all so impressed with him, as we have had issues with T to say the least, he has always had a devil streak in him, just for naughtiness. He would be the cheeky chap at the front of the class that is for sure. But we really felt that we were getting somewhere with him. More

Perfect Day

Sitting on the decking
Baba playing in the garden
Trampoline out,
Water table out.
Dog laying on the grass,
Taking in the sunshine
A perfect day! More

Have You Seen My Garden?

Now for followers off this blog you will know that this years project has been the back garden. You can see what it looked like in April here. I think you will agree a complete and utter mess!

Well Mr L and I have been working away in the garden as hard as possible for the last month now, and we are 90% there. There are a few things that need to be done, we need to buy some black liners, and put some stones down both the fences. But they cost money, and a lot of money and have to be delivered to us. So that has not yet happened.

However we have done everything else. We have new grass, and it is growing, we have clear decking, it just needs to be cleaned. But finally, we can sit in the garden. So do you want to see it! More

Oh Dear

So this weekend I had a list, a list of things that I really wanted to get done over the weekend. Things that were going to make my life easier, the house look nicer and the working side of my life easier and happier. There weren’t many things on the list only four things, cleaning, gardening, dog walking and writing space. So all manageable things over a weekend. More

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