Something Is A Changing….

Something is changing in our house and I am not sure what?

Maybe it is the fact that Baba is now in pants! We decided to go for it, as he kept telling us when he needed his bottom changed, so we thought that we would try it and see how he goes with it. If it isn’t the right time then we can always stop and start again at a later date. But at the moment, he seems to be ok. He is having accidents, but he is having more successes on the potty than not. So we will keep going with it and see what happens, see how he goes. More

Boredom – New things! Polls, and Prizes!

So here goes. I am bored!

There I have said it, and it feels much better to have admitted it! I did admit it to Mr L the other day and he agreed that he had noticed. Which was a good and a bad thing! Good that he has taken notice, but bad because I must be showing it a little more than I thought.

My general life and wellbeing is great. Obviously I love being with Mr L and I love being a stay at home mummy, and I would not change that for the world. I love working from home as well. I love doing my writing and do love working on my Avon. However at the moment it is not enough. More

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