We have had a great day today, just being in the garden and Baba has been playing with Tito and JoJo and Stewie.

He just loves being around animals, it is a real passion for him. After our holiday we are going to buy him some fish, Mr L does not yet know but we are. We have  a tank and now that I have found a place for it in the kitchen where you can see it all day everyday, we are going to get some! More


I had a post all lined up today about how Mr L was lovely and how nice he had been at the weekend, with pictures and all. But then something happened that made me think oh my god!

Today at Mother and Toddlers group I was writing in the register, one of the questions is age. I wrote down 19 months and suddenly thought that can’t be right, I remembered that I have been writing 19 months for a long time now! So I stood there and worked it out. Baba is 21 months old! More

Our New Members Of The Family!

We have some new boys in our house!

Yes I know I am very mad, not only do I have Mr L, Baba and Tito who are all boys. I have now gone and got two more.

But how could I resist….

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You


This is JoJo he is eight weeks old and was bred on my cousins farm. Isn’t he just gorgeous! More

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