Moaning, But Should I?

Today I needed to work, with Baba being poorly and myself getting the dreaded bug, I haven’t worked for over two weeks, and we have a lot on. There is a lot that needs to be done over these next couple of weeks so I really really stressed this to Mr L.

That I needed to work he had to have Baba. More

The Gallery – Motherhood

This week over at The Gallery the theme is Motherhood.

Now I admit I struggled with this one, as motherhood means so many things to me. I firstly thought about a picture of Baba and I when he was first born and then I thought about a picture of Baba and I together some when else but none of these mean motherhood too me. It was really hard as I just couldn’t find the right picture, but I did in the end.

But first what is motherhood to me. More

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