The Simple Things

We had a party yesterday and I think that Baba has now become one with nature.

In the past he has always been a bit nervous about things outside. It has taken him nearly two years to walk on grass without shoes, that’s a lie to walk on grass with shoes was a problem at first. But he has overcome them both now! He has suddenly become a child that loves being outside.

He has taken a liking to bugs, and all animals in general really. So he just loves the outdoors, and it is nice. I know that I am a bit neurotic when it comes to sun and cream and hats, maybe I was the reason he hated outdoors so much. But I can’t help it as we both have very fair skin and a lot of red in our hair, so I am going to be cautious. But apart from that I do like to be outside. I like walking I find it very therapeutic it is the time I come up with my best ideas! It seems that Baba may be the same. More

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