Chasing I want…

I am always chasing things at the moment. I have a point where I want things to be but never seem to get there, just constantly chasing it! It is driving me mad!

1) I want the house tidy! I mean tidy, really tidy. I want the kitchen sorted, the office clean that would be a lovely thing.

2) I want the ironing done, we have so much we can’t actually tidy our bedroom as there is too much ironing!

3) I want all the washing done. More

How To Save

Mr L and I have never ever been savers, it has always been a thing that we have talked about and we have thought about but we have never actually done. We always have these grand plans of how much we are going to save each month, and we do put it away and then we spend it before it gets saved.

Now that we have Baba we both feel that we should really have some savings behind us, so in the past few months we have been trying to teach ourselves to save. It is a hard thing to teach yourself, but there is no point us getting savings accounts unless we know we can save some money in them.

So how do you teach yourself to save? More

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