Impressive Baba

Baba was at Nannies today as it was a work day for Mummy. He bowled in to her house at lunch time, (as we got a few extra hours today on our own) chatting away to his granddad. He was so at peace that when I said goodbye to him, he turned around and just waved, I don’t think he even noticed that I had gone, as he was back playing with his garage straight away.

Today when I went to collect him he did a succession of things that I was very impressed with, I don’t know whether he just preforms at Nannies, or whether he has done these before in front of her, but to me they were new. More

I don’t think so…not happy

The last few days have been a bit manic in our household. I have been very busy recruiting new representatives for work, I have also been helping out a family I used to work with working with W. Which has meant since Saturday I have been out of the house pretty much none stop. I walked in an hour ago, and I have got tomorrow and Friday free before back out on Saturday and Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong I love my job, and I love working with W but I am so tired! Basically I have been working when Mr L hasn’t, so he has been coming in at five and I have been leaving at six and not been getting in till late. I haven’t put Baba to bed for three nights in a row now. Which I think is a first in his little life, Mr L and I regularly take it in turns, but I haven’t gone three nights before. I feel guilty enough about this, but then this happened today and made me feel even worse. More

Bumps and Cuts

Baba took a tumble today, and oh my god didn’t I feel bad. I wasn’t on my own, I was with Mr L, but I still felt that I was to blame, but maybe I should have blamed Mr L. Well I did at first!

Baba has this thing about spinning round and round and round, like most children do and we keep telling him to stop as he is going to hurt himself, but what 16 month old listens hey! More

What A Day

I had a busy day planned today, prospecting and then home to do some cleaning, paying some bills, sorting out my order for work and generally being very busy. While Baba was up at my mums house.

Well none of that happened, I dropped off Baba to my mums house, and my dad was home too. I went home and started on the dreaded cleaning, as I decided to give prospecting a miss, as I didn’t think Baba was 100% due to his teeth, so thought I would do the prospecting tomorrow instead. So said to mum that I would collect Baba at lunch time.

Got a call from my mum saying that Baba had had a really bad nappy and could I bring up another vest for him. Yeah that was fine, so I found a vest, and carried on with the cleaning to get that done before picking him up as I only had about half an hour or so before I said I would pick him up.

Then I got the call….

my Dad… More

Whats Important

I spent a whole day today with Baba, my Mum, Sister, Niece and Nephew, (and Dad for a while) then Mr L came home and then my Best Mate came round. So all in all I have spent the last 18 hours with all the people who mean the most to me. It has been lovely and it has made everything all the more clearer.

I have got really stressed as of late, with work, not meeting the goals that I have set, and just bits and bobs really. Things that if they where isolated incidents wouldn’t be a problem but due to them all arising at the same time, they have meant a bit of disaster has occurd in the L household. More

Snippets of my day

Baba and I were at Nannies for lunch today. Baba was sat in his high chair getting his hands and face washed after lunch. He laid his hands stretched out over Nannies table, and started blowing raspberries on the table, in between each raspberry he lifted his head and laughed hysterically at my mum. This must have lasted for ten minutes, mum now officially thinks my child is mad. More

Play Schools!

Oh what a day, I have tried to find a nursery, or playschool for Baba today and oh my god what a task.

So far Baba’s live has been relatively easy, with Mummy three days of the week and with Nanny one day, and with Nan the other day while I work so nice and easy. However at 15 months I think that he doesn’t interact with enough children of his own age.

He spends loads of time with his cousins, but they are 4 and 8 years. He also sees a lot of my friends children, two in particular, but still only one is his age, and then my other friends kids are all baby babies, only just born in the last couple of months. So I constantly have a nagging doubt that he doesn’t spend time with children of his own age. More


Baba has always been quick of the mark, whatever you show him, he never forgets, even if he can’t do it at that time he will learn how to do it! He learnt to walk early, and he has managed to always keep Mr L and myself on our toes. However I have always had a problem with his speech, Mr L says it is an irrational problem, and it probably is, due to the fact that for the last 10 years I have worked with disabled children.

Anyway I digress, my problem has been that I don’t think he has picked up his words very quickly, and when we see other babies of his age they seem to be trying to speak more than him. Mr L says that every child has something that takes them longer to grasp and to stop worrying and I so hate it when he is right!!!! More

Nan I Miss You

Writing Workshop Badge This post was inspired from Sleep is for the Weak  Writing Workshop and I choose Prompt 2)

Tell me about something you miss
– Inspired by Tara’s beautiful post in which she laments over time moving too fast: “The one where I learn to appreciate the little things”.

I have never done this before but lets hope that I do ok, but I thought that if I was going to do it I may as well do it now, otherwise I will just read and not take part.

Nan I Miss You More

Well Hello!

Well hi, this is my first blog and I hope that you like it.

So to introduce myself I am Kerry and I am a work at home mummy to my 1year old boy, who is a cheeky monkey and if you read my about me, you will know that he is affectionately called “Baba” by me. We spend many an hour playing with stacking cups, blowing raspberries, watching children’s tv, and I spend many an hour trying to keep him from attacking the dog! More

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