Dear So And So… The Weekend

Dear The Weekend,

This weekend we are going to kick some serious butt! I have a list a mile long, but I am going to get through it and you are not going to know what has hit you. I am warning you, it ain’t going to be easy and it ain’t going to be pretty. But your sweet behind is going to be smacked from one side to another and you will be happy about it!

A very motivated me! More


Baba is a little obsessed with tractors to say the least. Everything is a tractor in his eyes, whether it be a car, bus or lorry it is a tractor. He is getting better and we can now say bus as well as broom broom for a car. But generally it’s a tractor.

He just loves them I don’t know why but he does, everything about them seem to make him smile.

Today when I picked him up from Nannies he was on the floor, with a selection of puzzles out and shouting at me that there was a tractor. Very excited boy, I can tell you. We spent about ten minutes talking about this tractor. More

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