Some Days Are So Hard And Full Of Guilt

I was going to do a blog today about the lovely Secret Post Club parcel that I received today from the lovely Susie over at New Day New Lesson but I have had such a bad day that I had to write about that first.

I haven’t felt right since I had the bug on Saturday. I am really tired, I am not into eating very much, and generally still feel pretty sick, but have managed not too. I thought that I was over it, but maybe I was wrong, maybe it is a bug that is refusing to go, but regardless of that it has left me feeling like rubbish!

To top that off I have had a difficult day with Baba. More

Silent Moments at Night

Night time has come
And Mums last to bed
One more stop
To the baby’s bed
As she walks in, he is upside down
All his covers are thrown, and his feet are hanging out More

At last back in the land of living

Well what a weekend, and I don’t mean that in a oh my god I had a great weekend kind of way. We had an awful weekend due to me and Baba both having a sickness bug. It was one of those 24 hour things, that completely wipes you out of all your energy and ability to move, even your toes hurt. So it was horrible and I did feel for Mr L as Baba fell ill friday night and I feel ill saturday morning so all of saturday Mr L was looking after both of us. I have to say he was very good at it, getting us what we needed and not getting annoyed with me requesting things. More

Joy Of Being A Mummy

I have had one of those draining days today where it just seems to get worse and worse. It all started nice and early, at 5.30am that was a nice surprise from Baba I have to say. Screaming and crying at the top of his voice, so of I trudged in to be meet with a disgusting nappy and a crying baby. A few minutes and a change of clothes later, for Baba not me, and Mr L was gone out the door to work, and I was left with Mr Grumpy Pants.

Bless him, I don’t think he has known what to do with himself all day, one minute he is fine and then he is screaming the house down, and is just pointing at everything in sight view. I give it to him and he screams, he puts his little hands up in the air and I pick him up, and he wants to get down. More

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