Perfect Day

Sitting on the decking
Baba playing in the garden
Trampoline out,
Water table out.
Dog laying on the grass,
Taking in the sunshine
A perfect day! More

Baba’s Music and Movement Group

So last week Baba and I tried out a new music and movement group at our children’s centre. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I have been stressing that Baba doesn’t see enough of other children as he spends most of his time with me and Mr L. Now I personally hate these things, but I thought no I need to get Baba interacting with others so we have to go!

Last Friday at 10.30 we had a bags ready and off we went. It was an ok group, the group only started last week so everyone was new to it, that was nice. But I quickly realised that all the other mummies all seemed to know one another and their children seemed to know one another. Not so nice. More

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