Dear So And So…

Dear Mr L,

I am so pleased you liked your presents and had a good birthday. It was really worrying me that you would hate them and you don’t know what a sigh of relief it was that you did like them. Thank you.

Love Me xxx

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Animals Who Would Have Them?

We are an animal loving family. But I really pulled out every trick I had to convince Mr L to let Baba have his rabbits.

The final statement he made when we collected them was that he wasn’t paying for anything at the vets for them.

So imagine how I felt today when I picked up Stewie and something was hanging out his bottom that was large and pink. I won’t spare you all the gory details but it looked like his genitals were hanging out. Now my instinct was to ring the vets but I knew that I couldn’t do it without confirming with Mr L. More

What A Boy!

Baba has never ceased in amazing me, and the past week has been no different!

He is twenty-one months old now, and is a proper boy! He loves all things vehicle related, he is obsessed with trains, planes, tractors, cars, vans, trucks, boats, buses and bikes. Going out is an adventure I can tell you, we are told every time he sees one of these on our journey. It can take a while. He waves to every bus that passes and practically shouts when he sees any of the above!

He loves animals, and gets so excited about Tito, JoJo and Stewie it is usually what gets him to come home when we are out. He helps us feed Tito daily, he helps us feed the rabbits, he sits completely still with a towel over his lap so that he can hold the rabbits. Although he does scream a lot, but he is trying to be quiet bless him. More

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