Farm Time

Yesterday we went off to a working farm near my sister it was part of Baba’s birthday treat. We went with my sister and brother-in-law and my niece and nephew, my mum and dad, my cousin, her husband and their two children and my friend, her husband and their baby.

It was a fantastic day, it was sunny all day and the kids absolutely loved it. We arrived at 11 and didn’t leave till 5pm so the kids had a great day out. We had a picnic while we were there, and I think that everyone enjoyed it.

Baba especially enjoyed it, he got to feed some goats. More

Always Together Whatever

I am ten may be younger
It is Sunday
The day you call
Every week about 6pm to see how my week has gone
You don’t say much,
I do all the talking, I tell you about the rows we have had, who loves who this week.
You just listen, you have always been good at listening. More

Not Broody is that so Bad?

I have been thinking about this for quite a while now, and then last week Insomniac Mummy wrote this post about being Incompletely Broody and it rang a bell. Not the same bell, the bell of the absolute opposite in fact.

I have my gorgeous son Baba who is now the grand old age of 17 months! I do want another one, but not yet! When I say not yet I really mean NOT YET! More

Time For Some Thanks

Sleep for the Weak has posted the weekly workshop and I have chosen to do this prompt:

1. Write something to say thank you to some who has made a difference to your life, whether from your past or present.
– Inspired by the Moiderer’s ‘People I’d like to thank

When I first saw this I could have written a thousand thank you’s, but then I narrowed them down to just a few.

Firstly it would have to be my parents, More

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