Only Twenty Four Hours!

I have so many things that are on my mind at the moment. And it is driving me mad.

I thought I had the answer today, something that would solve our money problems but it was not to be. I was gutted and really grumpy.

Although I then thought about it some more and realised that I was being silly. I already have something that will do that it is just finding the time to do it. More


Putting you to bed

You lay and smile

Listening to your story like you do every night

One leg in the air

One leg laying on the bed

One arm rubbing the headboard

The other under your head More

Doggy Misbehaving!

Our dog has recently been a really good dog!

We have got into a routine with walking and he no longer is pulling on the lead, well not as much as he used too! He sits and waits at the road, and doesn’t move until he is told to, so at last he is like a normal dog. A dog that behaves, and he is a clever dog, it only took him a week to get trained to only go to the toilet down one end of the garden. We were all so impressed with him, as we have had issues with T to say the least, he has always had a devil streak in him, just for naughtiness. He would be the cheeky chap at the front of the class that is for sure. But we really felt that we were getting somewhere with him. More

Real Life

Real life has taken over at the moment in our household!

I have so much that I want to write about on the blog, but at the moment I just have not had time. But I will, the light is opening at the end of the tunnel and the mayhem has nearly finished!

So what has been happening that has made me be so busy? More

Some Days Are So Hard And Full Of Guilt

I was going to do a blog today about the lovely Secret Post Club parcel that I received today from the lovely Susie over at New Day New Lesson but I have had such a bad day that I had to write about that first.

I haven’t felt right since I had the bug on Saturday. I am really tired, I am not into eating very much, and generally still feel pretty sick, but have managed not too. I thought that I was over it, but maybe I was wrong, maybe it is a bug that is refusing to go, but regardless of that it has left me feeling like rubbish!

To top that off I have had a difficult day with Baba. More

Bedtime Mayhem Update

Well night-time sleep has got better in a way! Baba now goes to sleep ok, it still takes a while and he still screams for about 30 mins. But we seem to have a little routine forming again! Yeah!

Baba has a bath and then we go downstairs for him to have his milk. We then go back up when he has had his milk and he has a little story and a cuddle and then I leave the room. He screams but it only seems to be for a few minutes and then he settles himself to sleep. More

Bedtime Mayhem!

Last night was a difficult night. We spent nearly an hour and a half trying to get Baba to sleep, and it was very traumatic and very tiring. We were both exhausted by the end of it.

Let me start at the beginning.

Baba used to be great at bedtime, we would give him a bath and his milk, put him in his cot, say goodnight and that was it. Baba would then go to sleep and wouldn’t wake up until the next morning. He had been doing this from about 4/5 months. Perfect!

We knew we were lucky. Then it all went wrong!

Baba was ill! More

Pregnancy Bye Bye

I hated being pregnant thats not actually correct, I loathed being pregnant, absolutely despised it, I can’t actually express how much I hated it. To me it was the worst thing that I have had to go through. I am not talking the labour, or the first few months where you can be ill, I am talking the whole thing. From the day I found out to the day I went into labour.

I have never before stated how much I hated it. More

Hard Times

This has been the hardest few days off my life as a mother.

Mr L is ill, I am ill, and Baba is really ill. He has been hospitalised this weekend with croup. He has today been given antibiotics and a nebulizer due to croup and a chest infection. He screams for the world when we give him the nebulizer, I have to pin him down and Mr L has to give it. It is devastating and heart breaking to watch. He hates his medicine and screams about this too. More

Walking family

We had sunshine today! Yeah!

So we packed everything up into the push chair and went for a walk, when I say a walk. I don’t just mean down the road and back. Oh no we went for a serious walk!

We walked down to the local castle ruins, and then up to my mum and dads house to have some lunch. This was an hours walk on its own. We had a little break and then walked back down town, and back home which was an hour and a half in total.

T is now fast asleep on the sofa and has been since we got home, and Baba had a nice long snooze in the push chair and went to bed very easily tonight.

How to wear out your dog and child in one swoop.

I really enjoyed it, it was just nice to be outside with no extra layers, for the rain, the snow, the ice and the cold. It was also nice not to get wet! More

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