Christmas Aftermath!

I may not be here for a while!

Our house is upside down inside out and generally all the wrong way round. Everything is in the wrong place. Nothing has a home and we have a thousand and one extra toys to find a place for.

Yes that is right people I am sorting, cleaning, tidying and rehoming.

It has taken me two days to do two rooms! I am going to be gone for a while I shall see you all soon, organised and refreshed. I hope not to be too long.

Chasing I want…

I am always chasing things at the moment. I have a point where I want things to be but never seem to get there, just constantly chasing it! It is driving me mad!

1) I want the house tidy! I mean tidy, really tidy. I want the kitchen sorted, the office clean that would be a lovely thing.

2) I want the ironing done, we have so much we can’t actually tidy our bedroom as there is too much ironing!

3) I want all the washing done. More

The Gallery – Favourite Photo

This week the theme over at The Gallery is your Favourite Photo! Now I have already used this picture before for The Gallery – One Day In August Sunday 29th but I wanted to use it again as it is my favourite and there is a story behind it!

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You


Holiday and Stress

We are off on holiday soon, and it has suddenly hit me how much I have to do before we go away! Argghhh!

I actually don’t think that I will have time to sleep before now and leaving, and that is only dealing with a small percentage of the things that need to be done. More

A Little Stressed

So as some of you may know, we have been a little poorly in our house of late. We are gradually coming out the other side, Mr L is back at work, Baba is now only on the nebulizer, and it is just me that is still ill. But I will get over it quick.

But being ill is not just about the days that you are poorly, you then have the backlash of the things that you should be doing when you are poorly sitting there and building up until you get better. So I now have a list a mile long. More

Hard Times

This has been the hardest few days off my life as a mother.

Mr L is ill, I am ill, and Baba is really ill. He has been hospitalised this weekend with croup. He has today been given antibiotics and a nebulizer due to croup and a chest infection. He screams for the world when we give him the nebulizer, I have to pin him down and Mr L has to give it. It is devastating and heart breaking to watch. He hates his medicine and screams about this too. More

Holiday’s past and future

We got our confirmation today for our Sun holiday, to Wales. We are going for a long weekend and I can’t wait.

Now I know it is not the most fantastic holiday in the world, but it is our first family holiday and I am so looking forward to it. We are off to a caravan park and it brings back lots of happy memories of my childhood holidays. More

Joy Of Being A Mummy

I have had one of those draining days today where it just seems to get worse and worse. It all started nice and early, at 5.30am that was a nice surprise from Baba I have to say. Screaming and crying at the top of his voice, so of I trudged in to be meet with a disgusting nappy and a crying baby. A few minutes and a change of clothes later, for Baba not me, and Mr L was gone out the door to work, and I was left with Mr Grumpy Pants.

Bless him, I don’t think he has known what to do with himself all day, one minute he is fine and then he is screaming the house down, and is just pointing at everything in sight view. I give it to him and he screams, he puts his little hands up in the air and I pick him up, and he wants to get down. More

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