Dear So And So… Animals, Lessons and Cunning Plans

Dear Tito,

Now I love you dearly, but I am really getting to the end of my tether! Why have you stopped scratching to let us know that you want to go out for a wee. We can’t see the back door, so we don’t know you are standing there, will you please go back to scratching like you used to. As I am fed up with the accidents in the hallway. You need to make a noise! You’re a dog bark for goodness sake!

Your Owner x More

The Gallery – Body Parts! Ears!

So it is the first Gallery of the year and Tara has chosen the prompt Body Parts!

I thought about this long and hard, I thought I would use hands but ended up using them for my 365 Project and everything else I thought of worked around feet and I thought lots of people may do that. So I was stumped and thought that I wouldn’t do the gallery this week.

That is until I found this…. More

The Gallery – Love

There is a love in our house that is growing from strength to strength

It is a relatively new love only 800 days old

Starting in 2008 it was fresh and new

No one knew where it was heading More

The Gallery – Seasons

Our dog Tito is a strange dog!

He is very particular about his ways, and sometimes I swear we live in the wrong country for him.

He loves it when the weather is like this and it’s the summer!

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You


Feeding The Ducks!

Today we went to feed the ducks! I was fed up indoors, and it was a lovely day so I thought that we had better make the most of it and get out as much as we can while it is still possible. Living in this country you just never know.

So I asked Baba whether he wanted his pushchair and got a very distinctive no! Now it is a little way to the ducks to be honest. Especially if you have little legs, I told him that I wouldn’t carry him and he still said no. So we walked to the ducks for the first time ever!

It took a long time to get there, and we stopped lots. Mainly because so many airplanes where flying over us so we had to keep having a look. We also had to have a little break so Baba could have  a little sit down! More

Fleas, Baths and Huffs!

The dog got fleas, even though we had a flea collar on him and he had his flea stuff on he still got fleas.

Getting fleas is a nightmare in our house as the dog does not like to be bathed. So today he was restricted to the hallway only and outside, until Mr L came home, as I am not strong enough to give him a bath.

I went off to the shops, brought a new flea collar, some flea shampoo, and some flea shake and vac and we waited for Mr L. Once he got in the bath started. I could hear the dog trying to get out and Mr L repeatedly telling him to sit down and not to move. He brushed him in the bath and then he got the flea comb, which is very similar to a nit comb and put that through all of his fur, pulling out all the stray bits on the side. He shouted when they were finished. More


We have had a great day today, just being in the garden and Baba has been playing with Tito and JoJo and Stewie.

He just loves being around animals, it is a real passion for him. After our holiday we are going to buy him some fish, Mr L does not yet know but we are. We have  a tank and now that I have found a place for it in the kitchen where you can see it all day everyday, we are going to get some! More


I had a post all lined up today about how Mr L was lovely and how nice he had been at the weekend, with pictures and all. But then something happened that made me think oh my god!

Today at Mother and Toddlers group I was writing in the register, one of the questions is age. I wrote down 19 months and suddenly thought that can’t be right, I remembered that I have been writing 19 months for a long time now! So I stood there and worked it out. Baba is 21 months old! More

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