Christmas Aftermath!

I may not be here for a while!

Our house is upside down inside out and generally all the wrong way round. Everything is in the wrong place. Nothing has a home and we have a thousand and one extra toys to find a place for.

Yes that is right people I am sorting, cleaning, tidying and rehoming.

It has taken me two days to do two rooms! I am going to be gone for a while I shall see you all soon, organised and refreshed. I hope not to be too long.

Here Comes The Two Year Old!

You woke, so happy and full of fun

Every present you got you said Wow

And loved opening them all

You played with everything and the house was filled with laughter More

Days Like These

Today Baba and I have had a great day, enjoying the basic things off life.

We walked and we played all day long. Now I know that most of you will say that is nothing unusual, but for us it is a little strange. Usually we are so busy either doing things or having things to do at home. But today I noticed a change.

Baba is getting better at amusing himself, and I love it. Not that I want him doing things on his own all the time! But in the past, I have had to use things, such as music or the tv to keep him amused just for the fifteen minutes that I need to get out and do the washing. But this is no longer needed. More

Have You Seen My Garden?

Now for followers off this blog you will know that this years project has been the back garden. You can see what it looked like in April here. I think you will agree a complete and utter mess!

Well Mr L and I have been working away in the garden as hard as possible for the last month now, and we are 90% there. There are a few things that need to be done, we need to buy some black liners, and put some stones down both the fences. But they cost money, and a lot of money and have to be delivered to us. So that has not yet happened.

However we have done everything else. We have new grass, and it is growing, we have clear decking, it just needs to be cleaned. But finally, we can sit in the garden. So do you want to see it! More

Penguin Bowling

Saturday we were sent a great Penguin Bowling set from Hello Baby to review. The Infantino Penguin Bowling retails at £17.99 and includes 6 penguin pins with colourful numbered shirts and a plush bowling ball that jingles. It helps teach cause and effect and improve hand eye coordination and is for 6+months.


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