CyberMummy Wow!!!

Well what can I say?

Not a lot really just a great massive, WOW! What a day! I loved every minute off the whole day and am so pleased and grateful that I was able to attend. Especially grateful to Ready For Ten who I won my ticket from, if it was not for them I would not have experienced the great day and I want to say a huge thanks to them.

I got to meet lots and lots of people, some that I had been following for a while that I had spoken to on twitter and others that were completely new to me. Although all were lovely and I can’t wait to meet some of them again!

I also won a fabulous printer, I am unbelievable excited about this and have not stopped talking about it since the day. I can not wait for it to be delivered. More

#donotfeed Super Skinny Me Updated

Do Not FeedIf you have been following my post you will know that I have been trying to lose weight, dismally.

I have got three stone to lose so a good 40lbs to lose to get down to the weight that I was before I fell pregnant with Baba.

I have tried all the clubs, I have done weight watchers in the past, slimming world, detoxing etc. I have so many diet books in my house it is stupid, I do them all for a while and then I either get fed up with paying the fee to go and get weighed to lose my weight. Or I get behind with what I am doing that it all goes wrong, and I stop doing it.

I have used every excuse in the book, as too why I can not lose the weight. I know that I use them and I know that this has to stop. I have a little man running around upstairs and I and Mr L actually, have to lose all this weight for our own health and Baba’s sake. More

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