Animals Who Would Have Them?

We are an animal loving family. But I really pulled out every trick I had to convince Mr L to let Baba have his rabbits.

The final statement he made when we collected them was that he wasn’t paying for anything at the vets for them.

So imagine how I felt today when I picked up Stewie and something was hanging out his bottom that was large and pink. I won’t spare you all the gory details but it looked like his genitals were hanging out. Now my instinct was to ring the vets but I knew that I couldn’t do it without confirming with Mr L. More

Reality Check

Yesterday I had to take Tito to the vets, he got stung on his right pad and also has a skin infection between his paws. So he is constantly licking and licking his paw at the moment, he had to have a couple of injections to get the sting and the itchiness to stop. He was fine all be it a little grumpy in the evening.

Today he has woke up and he is walking fine, and seems to be much better. So all is good in the world of our beagle again. More

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