Creativity Baba’s Way

Creativity doesn’t have to be planned, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

It doesn’t even have to be led by Mummy.

Yesterday Baba was playing with his aquadraw, he then came and asked for some water in a cup! More

Water Play!

There is nothing better than having a laugh with Baba. He has a wicked sense of humour and really makes me giggle till my stomach hurts at times.

When we did our painting last week, I knew within a few minutes that he was not going to want to leave it alone. He wanted to carry on and on so I had to bribe him with a biscuit to get him to stop. However before he could have the biscuit he had to wash his hands! More

Beach Time

Baba hasn’t been to the beach much, I know shocking as we live so near it. He walks along the promenades but doesn’t go onto the actual beach. Today that changed.

We went to the beach with my sister, her two children and my mum and Baba had a ball. After he first tentatively walked on the beach we couldn’t get him off it. He was in the water, on the body board, playing with the sand, running and having a great time. I think the beach is a place we need to visit more often. It is a place that we can all go including Tito and we can all just be with no worries and stresses about what we are doing. A place that we can all escape to and have fun. More

Perfect Day

Sitting on the decking
Baba playing in the garden
Trampoline out,
Water table out.
Dog laying on the grass,
Taking in the sunshine
A perfect day! More

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