#donotfeed Super Skinny Me Updated

Do Not FeedIf you have been following my post you will know that I have been trying to lose weight, dismally.

I have got three stone to lose so a good 40lbs to lose to get down to the weight that I was before I fell pregnant with Baba.

I have tried all the clubs, I have done weight watchers in the past, slimming world, detoxing etc. I have so many diet books in my house it is stupid, I do them all for a while and then I either get fed up with paying the fee to go and get weighed to lose my weight. Or I get behind with what I am doing that it all goes wrong, and I stop doing it.

I have used every excuse in the book, as too why I can not lose the weight. I know that I use them and I know that this has to stop. I have a little man running around upstairs and I and Mr L actually, have to lose all this weight for our own health and Baba’s sake. More

Super Skinny Me Update 2 – Help Needed

Well it is official, I am rubbish, totally and utterly rubbish!

I start a mission to lose weight, I had all these plans set out. What do I do I put on a pound. How rubbish is that!

I shall tell you…

RUBBISH!!!! More

Super Skinny Me Update 1

So after finally getting better, I decided that today was going to be the day that the super skinny me mission was starting, as I lost a few pounds while I was poorly.

So this afternoon, Baba and I got ready with the added help of my mum, as she wants to lose a bit of weight as well, and we took T (the dog) for a half hour walk. We then dropped T off, and walked down to town and back up again, for about an hour. So that was a good hour and a half walk. Which I was really impressed with, as I haven’t really done any exercise for months now, with my leg playing up again. More

Super Skinny Me

Baba is now 15 months old, and 15 months later I am still crying the weight that I gained when I was pregnant with him. I stood on the scales today and I still need to lose the 4 stone that I put on when pregnant. Which is an almighty challenge. Especially as I am not a person that likes to eat, I am one of these people who eats because I know I have to eat, I would never eat and eat because I love the food. I like the food, but I would never eat too much of it. So why do I have so much weight to lose? Well there is one major flaw in my eating I love chocolate, it is the only food that I love, and I can eat it all day long. Which is the main problem for me to lose weight. More

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