Normality Resumed

It was dark and cold

There was the eerie light of the street lamp

The only light available

As he tiptoed around the house

Trying to make no noise.


Moaning, But Should I?

Today I needed to work, with Baba being poorly and myself getting the dreaded bug, I haven’t worked for over two weeks, and we have a lot on. There is a lot that needs to be done over these next couple of weeks so I really really stressed this to Mr L.

That I needed to work he had to have Baba. More

End Of The Year

You can tell it’s near Christmas. I don’t mean the decorations, the Christmas music that is on where ever you go, or the hoards of people shopping like they have never shopped before. I don’t even mean the sickness that comes in December.

No you can tell it’s near Christmas as everyone is so flaming tired.

Our house is manic at the moment. More

How Things Never Go The Way You Think

I was dreading today.

Mr L was working and was taking my car as his is not drivable at the moment, so Baba and I were stranded.  Our house was a mess and I generally was thinking it was going to be a bit of a pants day.

How wrong was I? More

Holiday and Stress

We are off on holiday soon, and it has suddenly hit me how much I have to do before we go away! Argghhh!

I actually don’t think that I will have time to sleep before now and leaving, and that is only dealing with a small percentage of the things that need to be done. More

Ready For Change, Getting Ready For Change!

Saturday I went off to a meeting that was being held by my upline for Avon and it was an inspiring meeting!

I decided to take Mr L along as he has been a little negative about Avon recently, nothing that wasn’t really deserved, because I haven’t been doing as much work as I could so I haven’t been earning as much as I could hence him believing that Avon could never work and that we weren’t making any money out of it. I wanted to show him that it could be done, and that he just needed to give me the support I needed and get as much enthusiasm about it as myself. And it really worked. Actually it worked better than I thought! More

What Job Can You Imagine Your Baby Doing?

Well I have been tagged, again, I know I told you I had a few to do. This is a tough one, what job can you imagine your baby doing? It has been set up by Mummy Matters and anyone can join in.

So what do I imagine Baba doing when he is older? More

Don’t Leave Mummy…

Today was Tuesday the first of the two days that I work in a week. So I got myself ready, got Baba ready got my work stuff ready and told Baba that we were going to Nannies, so Mummy could go to work. Like we do every Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing different.

Except today Baba cried, he became hysterical, shouting;

“No, Mummy, no no no.” More

More hours!

We are very busy at the moment, running from here to there and everywhere. Baba has a lot of friends that are at school, so even though he is not at school age, the summer holidays are manic for us!  He has so many play dates over the next few weeks that our diary is packed.

If that is not enough Avon is preparing for Christmas and I am manic with that, booking parties, and signing people up. I am also constantly trying to make things for the website, and then just a little studying in between! So not too much happening in our lives.

We currently need another twenty odd hours in a week to fit everything in. More

In Limbo

When I had Baba I had a dream that I would be able to work from home, and be at home with him all the time!

The dream has not worked. I am starting the new website, but I need to be bringing in money now!

I am gutted.

I really don’t want to leave Baba, I don’t want to go back to work in that sense, I want to be working from home. But I have tried all I can and nothing else seems to be working! More

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