Time for Me and 101 Things

Today I have been really busy!

Baba went to my mums, and after I finished my work related things, I decided to carry on with the sorting of the house.

I finished my art cupboard, and it is so organised now, I am so pleased. I can finally see things, and I know what I have and don’t have. I did not realise that I had so much paper, which is great as I can now get on with my scrapbooking and being arty.

I love doing all art projects and always have, but came to a bit of a standstill when Baba was about 6 months. Since then I haven’t really picked anything up. It has been lurking in the cupboard and I think that I have actually been a bit scared of it. But no more! More

Real Life

Real life has taken over at the moment in our household!

I have so much that I want to write about on the blog, but at the moment I just have not had time. But I will, the light is opening at the end of the tunnel and the mayhem has nearly finished!

So what has been happening that has made me be so busy? More

Some Days Are So Hard And Full Of Guilt

I was going to do a blog today about the lovely Secret Post Club parcel that I received today from the lovely Susie over at New Day New Lesson but I have had such a bad day that I had to write about that first.

I haven’t felt right since I had the bug on Saturday. I am really tired, I am not into eating very much, and generally still feel pretty sick, but have managed not too. I thought that I was over it, but maybe I was wrong, maybe it is a bug that is refusing to go, but regardless of that it has left me feeling like rubbish!

To top that off I have had a difficult day with Baba. More

It’s the Little Things

Since Baba has been better, I have been making a real effort to get him out of the house and do stuff with him. We have been doing ok. But I have noticed that other things have been suffering.

Now don’t get me wrong I love going out with Baba, but I do think that we seem to either do nothing, or do so much that nothing else ever gets done. Now I know that this will be my fault, as I am a bit like this, I go into something full steam ahead and then forget about other things along the way. But I can’t help it and I don’t really know how to stop doing it either. But I am going to try!

I have a few plans over the next few days to get things back into shape. More

Having No Internet! Still There Are Pro’s And Cons

We still have no internet arghh! They have finally said that we should be going back on-line on the 13th of April. I am still having to go to friends and my MIL’s to check my emails, and write the blog. So we will see if we actually get the internet on the 13th.

But there are some good points about not having the internet though. Not very many but a few. More

How Difficult!

I don’t really have anything to write today. I have been trying to think of something interesting or inspirational and I don’t really have anything.

I have been battling for the last two hours with our internet provider, about the lack of internet providing that has been going on in our house. Just to get no where, and to be told it will take up to 14 days, if I hear that sentence one more time I may just scream. More

Are We destined To Write?

The sorting off the top room has extended to the sorting of the whole house. I never realised we had so much rubbish in the top room, we have so far been sorting for five days now and we are still no where near finished.

Although the sorting has produced a few surprises!

I always thought that I knew what was in my house, but it is amazing how quickly you forget about things. I was sorting out Baba’s clothes that no longer fit him and I found a few outfits that had never been worn which have now been passed onto our little niece, as they were little cream outfits.

I found all of Mr L’s old school reports, although he did not keep many! He did however keep his football photos and his sports certificates. It is amazing how different the things that we have kept from our school years. He has hardly anything and I think that I have kept nearly everything. More

A Little Stressed

So as some of you may know, we have been a little poorly in our house of late. We are gradually coming out the other side, Mr L is back at work, Baba is now only on the nebulizer, and it is just me that is still ill. But I will get over it quick.

But being ill is not just about the days that you are poorly, you then have the backlash of the things that you should be doing when you are poorly sitting there and building up until you get better. So I now have a list a mile long. More

Passions gone but not forgotten

When I was a little girl I had a dream, to write a book and design. I didn’t care what I designed I remember when I was 14/15 I designed a wedding dress, my GCSE design was redesigning a hotels kitchen. It didn’t bother me I was always redesigning and repainting my room.

As a painter and decorator my father used to despair. Many a time he would come home from work and my bedroom would be deposited in the hallway and I would be painting, I remember vividly his face when I was rag rolling my room in green paint. He wasn’t happy, my dad likes magnolia! You can imagine his face.

I loved doing it and I always felt free doing it. More

Silent Moments at Night

Night time has come
And Mums last to bed
One more stop
To the baby’s bed
As she walks in, he is upside down
All his covers are thrown, and his feet are hanging out More

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