The Gallery

Here you can see all of my posts that I have done for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.

Week 1: The Gallery – Beauty

Week 2: The Gallery Pink and Green

Week 3: The Gallery – Me and Friends

Week 4: The Gallery – Joy

Week 5: The Gallery – Sloth

Week 6: The Gallery – Portraits

Week 7: Our Beach – The Gallery

Week 8: The Gallery – Men

Week 9: The Gallery – Self Portrait

Week 10: The Gallery – Friendship

Week 11:The Gallery – Still Life

Week 12:The Gallery – Motherhood

Week 13:The Gallery and Writing Workshop – Emotions

Week 14:The Gallery – Holidays

Week 15: The Gallery – Playtime

Week 16: The Gallery – A Memory

Week 17: The Gallery – Proudest Picture

Week 18: The Gallery – One Day In August Sunday 29th

Week 19: The Gallery – Back To School

Week 20: The Gallery – Smile

Week 21: The Gallery – Food!

Week 22: The Gallery – Here Come The Girls

Week 23: The Gallery – Favourite Photo

Week 24: The Gallery – Red

Week 25: Show Me The Funny

Week 26: The Gallery – Seasons

Week 27: The Gallery – Before And After

Week 28: The Gallery – Black and White

Week 29: The Gallery – Celebration

Week 30: The Gallery – White

Week 31: The Gallery – Sparkle

Week 32: The Gallery – Love


Week 1: The Gallery – Body Parts! Ears!

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