I Would Give To You

Sitting in the hospital

With your temperature peaking

And not going down

Your little tiny being

Laying so still but shivering and fighting whatever is wrong More

I Am…

I am a multitude of things

Ranging from a mother,

A partner,

A daughter,

A sister,

An aunt,

A friend. More

The Devil’s Red

It comes over you in an instant,

The flash is as quick as lightning.

You are smiling, then it is gone.

Your eyes are lost, and the anger grows

You become taller, bigger almost bloated

Not seeing or hearing a single thing or person around you More

Argumentative Ole Fool

Now I am never wrong, I shall just write that down again so that it goes in…


I am always right, if I start off wrong I will end up right, so I am never wrong! More

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