The Last Day…

It has been a strange year, one that has sometimes flowed and one that has sometimes been incredibly hard but one that has been filled with excitement and joy.

It started so well and we were looking for new things for 2010 these were quickly dashed when Baba went down hill and was very poorly for a good month or so. We spent numerous days in hospital, all in a month-long period. He had another convulsion, he had his first rigor. He had tonsilitis, sickness, ear infection, throat infection, and croup. We were given penicillin, he was allergic, a nebulizer, and antibiotics all to be told that he had tonsilitis for a whole month. We saw the ambulance men more in the month of february to march than ever before. It was tiring, stressful, scary and a really hard work. But more than anyone hard work for little Baba. He fought a lot in that month, but came out the other side! More

Here Comes The Two Year Old!

You woke, so happy and full of fun

Every present you got you said Wow

And loved opening them all

You played with everything and the house was filled with laughter More

The Gallery – Favourite Photo

This week the theme over at The Gallery is your Favourite Photo! Now I have already used this picture before for The Gallery – One Day In August Sunday 29th but I wanted to use it again as it is my favourite and there is a story behind it!

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You


Beach Time

Baba hasn’t been to the beach much, I know shocking as we live so near it. He walks along the promenades but doesn’t go onto the actual beach. Today that changed.

We went to the beach with my sister, her two children and my mum and Baba had a ball. After he first tentatively walked on the beach we couldn’t get him off it. He was in the water, on the body board, playing with the sand, running and having a great time. I think the beach is a place we need to visit more often. It is a place that we can all go including Tito and we can all just be with no worries and stresses about what we are doing. A place that we can all escape to and have fun. More

The Gallery – Motherhood

This week over at The Gallery the theme is Motherhood.

Now I admit I struggled with this one, as motherhood means so many things to me. I firstly thought about a picture of Baba and I when he was first born and then I thought about a picture of Baba and I together some when else but none of these mean motherhood too me. It was really hard as I just couldn’t find the right picture, but I did in the end.

But first what is motherhood to me. More

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