Big Boy News!

I don’t know whether I am tempting fate by writing about this and have pondered it for a while! But every other milestone is written here so I can’t leave this one out as it is huge in our house.

Since a couple of weeks old, Baba has had a dummy and a muslin square wherever he goes. He uses it for bed, when he is sad, tired, bored, hurt, angry you name the emotion it is usually there. Usually there is also two or three muslins behind him.

They are affectionately known as “bummy and nunies” More

The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Mother’s Day

Well what a day mother’s day was in our house.

We had the good, we had the ugly and then last night in the middle of the night we had the bad. So all in all it was very eventful!

It started out fantastic, I got breakfast in bed and a lovely card and book from Baba. I really was not expecting anything, if you read my blog you will have read how dismal Mr L is when it comes to mother’s day, so I was very pleased.

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You


Labourer No Thanks – Thats not for me

When I was younger, my parents used to drum a saying into both my sisters and my head!

“Never do the same job as us! Always do something better”

I had never really thought about this saying until Mr L and I had Baba, since then we have joked that if Baba comes along and says he wants to be a groundworker/builder like Dad we will tell him that’s fine but he needs to go to college to get a trade first, such as a carpenter, plumber etc. I always thought that this is what my parents meant – how wrong was I! More

Passions gone but not forgotten

When I was a little girl I had a dream, to write a book and design. I didn’t care what I designed I remember when I was 14/15 I designed a wedding dress, my GCSE design was redesigning a hotels kitchen. It didn’t bother me I was always redesigning and repainting my room.

As a painter and decorator my father used to despair. Many a time he would come home from work and my bedroom would be deposited in the hallway and I would be painting, I remember vividly his face when I was rag rolling my room in green paint. He wasn’t happy, my dad likes magnolia! You can imagine his face.

I loved doing it and I always felt free doing it. More

Impressive Baba

Baba was at Nannies today as it was a work day for Mummy. He bowled in to her house at lunch time, (as we got a few extra hours today on our own) chatting away to his granddad. He was so at peace that when I said goodbye to him, he turned around and just waved, I don’t think he even noticed that I had gone, as he was back playing with his garage straight away.

Today when I went to collect him he did a succession of things that I was very impressed with, I don’t know whether he just preforms at Nannies, or whether he has done these before in front of her, but to me they were new. More

Holiday’s past and future

We got our confirmation today for our Sun holiday, to Wales. We are going for a long weekend and I can’t wait.

Now I know it is not the most fantastic holiday in the world, but it is our first family holiday and I am so looking forward to it. We are off to a caravan park and it brings back lots of happy memories of my childhood holidays. More

To Blog Or Not To Blog

I have again been reading a lot of blogs over the last few days and one of them really caught my eye – By Slugs on the Refrigerator. This blog really made me think about why I have actually choose to write a blog. Is it all for me or is it for other people and what is my aim for it?

The first thought that came into my head, was that I was writing my blog as I want to be a writer one day. I have always dreamed of being a writer, and I am doing my writing course so I wanted a place to put my thoughts down and practice my writing skills. But then I started thinking again and wondered if this was actually true. Yes I do want to do these things but is writing the blog, really as simple as that. I don’t believe that it is. More

Nan I Miss You

Writing Workshop Badge This post was inspired from Sleep is for the Weak  Writing Workshop and I choose Prompt 2)

Tell me about something you miss
– Inspired by Tara’s beautiful post in which she laments over time moving too fast: “The one where I learn to appreciate the little things”.

I have never done this before but lets hope that I do ok, but I thought that if I was going to do it I may as well do it now, otherwise I will just read and not take part.

Nan I Miss You More

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