I had a post all lined up today about how Mr L was lovely and how nice he had been at the weekend, with pictures and all. But then something happened that made me think oh my god!

Today at Mother and Toddlers group I was writing in the register, one of the questions is age. I wrote down 19 months and suddenly thought that can’t be right, I remembered that I have been writing 19 months for a long time now! So I stood there and worked it out. Baba is 21 months old!

In three, yes I said THREE months Baba will be two! Oh my god! Now I know all of you are thinking yes that is what happens but I was shocked so shocked! My baby is no longer a baby, he is a toddler verging on the edge of boyhood and it is scary but exciting. I can’t wait for all the new challenges that the new ages will bring, and how he will change as he gets older. As he has changed so much all ready!

Early I was talking to my sister as she is having him over the weekend for us, and she was asking whether anything had changed since she last had him!

It has so much has changed.

He now goes to bed, has a story and then settles himself to sleep. He drinks milk out of a big boy cup, morning and night. He generally feeds himself all of his meals. He has pull ups not nappies, and goes and sits on the potty throughout the day. He is growing into a proper man.

He helps daddy and myself feed the dog every morning and night, shouting;

“Teets sit” at the dog, and pointing at him.

He then runs into the garden and helps feed the rabbits shouting

“Where’s JoJo? There he is!” when he appears!

He walks up and down the stairs, he can climb in the chairs in the kitchen and sit at the table. He can open the fridge door, and shout for grapes (pops) all day long. He turns the washing machine on, puts it on pause and opens and closes the tumbler dryers doors.

He comes and stands on his stool and gazes lovingly at the food that I am preparing,


“No pasta, chicken, ham, cheese” Whatever it may be!

“Chips?” Everything is chips in his eyes.

He stands in the bathroom trying to clean his teeth like you, he rubs my make up in the floor and laughs hysterically.

He is obsessed with, trains, cars, buses and planes. Everything is about transport all day long. We walk down the road and all he says is;

“Bus, broom broom, choo choo, van, plane.”

All day long, we are called into the garden as Baba is shouting “plane” at us and leaning up looking at the sky because a plane is flying over. It is great fun to him, and it is fun for us, but you occasionally get bored of looking at yet another plane!

But the best thing off all, is that he looks at you and says;

“Love you daddy”

“Love you Mummy”

Well we love you too Baba!

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  1. Jan
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 10:57:04

    What a delightful entry ,Thankyou for sharing all these exciting new adventures with us …love Jan xx


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