The Gallery – Here Come The Girls

So this week the theme at The Gallery is Here Come The Girls. Now I thought that this would be easy!

I was wrong very wrong, a lot of the pictures I have of me and my girl mates can not be put online for the whole world to see, so it was a little tougher than I thought but I managed to find a couple, with some of my oldest friends in. All taken before we got sensible, got married and had children. When we young, free, not single and a little bit crazier. I think we still are all these things, but we have to meticulously plan the event to every detail now, rather than just drop and go!

So Here Come The Girls And Then All I Thought About You style!

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

(C) 2010 And Then All I Thought About Was You

I have managed to pick two photos from two hen do’s! So here are my pictures go over to The Gallery to see lots more!

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beckicklesie
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 14:53:13

    Ah! You look like you had loads of fun together. A lot of my older pics shouldn’t be shared with the world either 😉

    Becca x


  2. If I Could Escape . . .
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 16:34:52

    Those are brilliant — it looks and sounds like you and your girls have lots of good times. LOL


  3. Sarah
    Oct 07, 2010 @ 17:53:16

    Love the black and white pic, very classy and thr colour pic is fabulously bright and full of fun. It made me smile and remember my ‘BC’ days!!


  4. L
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 16:32:13

    looks like you had some wild times, eh! 😉


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