Seven Days

So it’s seven days till Christmas and I am a little scared now.

I still have to get Mr L’s present and four presents from Baba. I need to make an album and its a big album. Print off nearly 80 pictures after I have finished editing them and finish some knitting.

We have no clothes the bathroom is full of clothes to wash the ironing pile is falling over. I think that I am washing some things that are clean but I am not too sure so I had better wash them.

My cards are going to be late. I still have to finish them and also make another twenty. Otherwise no immediate family will have any.

No wrapping has been done. I don’t want to even think how many need to be wrapped upstairs there is a cupboard full that is scary enough.

I have seven days that is only seven days. I have one day off childcare this week that is all. So that seven days is reduced to six nights and one day. A night is really from seven till twelve a measly five hours that is not long I tell you. Not long at all.

I don’t think I will be sleeping this week. The same as every year and every year I say I am going to be organised next year. I never am I don’t know why I waste my breath saying it. It is always a lie.

So in seven days I shall be a sleep deprived stressed out mess. But I will get through the day. There will be happy recipients and they will make me smile they always do and that is why next year will be totally the same. Why it is Christmas everyone needs a tradition right?

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