Yesterday And Today Class

Now as you all know I am a devote Scrapbooker and love all things that are associated with this! I love learning new techniques and learning how to different things within this area of my life. So you can imagine how excited I got when I saw this magical course over at Ali Edwards blog.

This is a fantastic course that I am so excited to be part off. It is a 13 week course that focuses on you telling stories from your past, comparing stories from past and future and telling stories from now. It looks at the why, how, and the what if of telling stories, and is a class that can be used with old photos as well as new! The main focus of the class is to help you meaningfully document and celebrate life by looking to the past before dealing with the present.

When I first saw this class I had just been to see my Great Uncle who was in the navy in World War II and I thought that this would be a fantastic class to do with his pictures, however I will use the techniques from this class for his pictures but I think this class I am going to focus on my story for Baba. There is nothing more precious than giving Baba a resource to know everything about his mummy from. So this is what I will be focussing on. Passing on my life lessons to my child! Isn’t this a precious thing to do.

While I am doing this I am going to be learning so many things, all while making a 12 x 12 album and cover over the 13 week period. This may sound a lot to you but the plan for the class is to do one layout project a week, and using the things that you already have, so you don’t need to buy new things for this course. The best thing it is catered for the digital and traditional scrapbooker so everyone can have a go!

If you are at all interested then there is still time you have till the 5th of January so please do register, pop over to either Ali Edwards or to Big Picture Classes to join up for this great course. If you do join please let me know as I would love to know of any of my readers joining as we could all chat about it together. It is a fabulous course so do please take a look!

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  1. MummyMatters
    Dec 31, 2010 @ 06:46:15

    I looked at doing the course but it said it was $99 which sadly is not something I can stretch to at the moment. Have fun tho, looking forward to hearing all about it.


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