What Job Can You Imagine Your Baby Doing?

Well I have been tagged, again, I know I told you I had a few to do. This is a tough one, what job can you imagine your baby doing? It has been set up by Mummy Matters and anyone can join in.

So what do I imagine Baba doing when he is older? More

The Versatile Blogger

I have been passed on an award!  Oh how I love awards!

Now there are a few rules with this award…

  • You must thank the person that gave you the award
  • Tell 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs to share the award

So first things first thank you to Bubbleboo, over at The Thought Bubble for giving me the award. Her blog is great so please go take a look. More

You Know You’re A Mum When…

Over at Thinly Spread a new meme has been created. You know you’re a Mum when…

The rules are basic, write a little list of things which mark you out as a Mum (or Dad), link back to the post at Thinly Spread and offer the  meme up to some other bloggers who you think will enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if you have tiny babies or birds which have already flown, if you’re a parent I want to know what marks you out as one!

So here is my list: More

5 Year Meme

I have been tagged by Snaffles Mummy with the 5 Year Meme.

Q1. Where were you 5 years ago?

Five years ago Mr L and I had only been together for five months, and we in the throes of a new relationship. We spent all of our time together through the week and weekends we went out with friends, always ending up together, and we loved it. I was still living at home with my parents and he was living with his granddad, just down the road from me. We had a good routine, as soon as we finished work we would meet up, get some food and then I would stay at his for the night, get up in the morning and both go off to work. I literally went to my mums house, for breakfast and to shower that was all.

I was working in an autistic school and I loved it. I was earning good money and had a brand new car! I loved that Polo, I got it on my birthday and it was the best birthday present to myself ever.

Mr L and I worked hard and we played hard at this time. We worked all week, to be able to go out every friday and saturday, pubbing and clubbing. It was good fun, and I wouldn’t have changed it at all. More

Your Biggest Fear Meme

So I have been tagged!

Emma over at Me, The Man & The Baby tagged me with her meme, your biggest fear. I have to tell you my biggest fear / what I am afraid of.

So here goes, now don’t laugh! More

The Photo Lottery

I have been tagged by Super Single Mums Blog in my first ever meme. She said she hoped I didn’t mind… of course not – I’m delighted! Although I actually have no idea what a “meme” is!  Here are the instructions:

1. Open the first (oldest) photo folder in your computer library
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread

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